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Training Tip: DPE scenario 2.0

Article | Apr 25, 2016

A designated examiner has observed pilots faltering when explaining operational considerations in areas where charting has changed or airspace is tricky to identify.

Training Tip: Nowhere to runup

Article | Apr 18, 2016

As you taxi out for your checkride, an uneasy thought arises: "Where at this airport can I do an engine runup and pretakeoff checks?"

FAA restores sim time for instrument rating

Advocacy | Apr 12, 2016

Beginning May 12, pilots will again be able to count up to 20 hours in an approved aviation training device toward the instrument rating.

Touchdown autorotations removed from helicopter CFI test

Advocacy | Apr 12, 2016

The FAA no longer requires demonstrations of straight-in or 180-degree autorotations to touchdown on helicopter instructor practical tests.

Training Tip: Lessons from a master

Article | Apr 11, 2016

Although the accident happened so fast his response seemed automatic, the pilot's reaction was based on two decisions made long in advance.

Redbird is 'Winging It'

Article | Apr 07, 2016

Simulator maker Redbird is traveling the country showing pilots the many ways they can learn and interact with simulators.

Piper scores big with UND training contract

Article | Apr 06, 2016

The University of North Dakota selected Piper as its next training airplane, an order worth more than 100 Archers and Seminoles.

Record-setting scholarships awarded

Article | Apr 05, 2016

Able Flight, the North Carolina-based organization that supports flight for people with disabilities, has entered its tenth year and has awarded a record-setting eight scholarships for 2016.

Training Tip: 'FOD' for thought

Article | Apr 04, 2016

Keep an eye out for objects that can damage aircraft or tires. If you see something, pick it up and throw it away.

Student pilot certificate rules change April 1

Advocacy | Mar 31, 2016

AOPA is reminding student pilots and their flight instructors that significant changes in the process of applying for and issuing student pilot certificates take effect April 1.

Student Pilot Application Requirements Frequently Asked Questions

Advocacy | Mar 31, 2016

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Student Pilot Application Requirements Final Rule.

LifeStyle Aviation offers students ‘breath of choice’

Article | Mar 30, 2016

LifeStyle Aviation says it is offering a "breath of choice" for flight school centers by marrying modern marketing methods and advanced technology to build pilot-friendly training environments.

ASA’s new leader a familiar face

Article | Mar 29, 2016

Aviation Supplies & Academics’ new owner is a former bike shop salesman and longtime student pilot who began his aviation career in the company’s warehouse.

Delta State invites pilots to open house

Article | Mar 29, 2016

Aviation-minded professionals considering an advanced college degree are invited to an open house at Mississippi’s Delta State University April 15.

Training Tip: Rotate, and wait

Article | Mar 28, 2016

One of the first insights a student pilot arrives at when mastering the takeoff is that rotation and liftoff are closely related—but not simultaneous—phases.

IFR Fix: Searching for 'go'

IFR Fix | Mar 28, 2016

To arrive at “go,” a pilot must weigh many elements of weather information.

Allow solos on 16th birthday, AOPA says

Advocacy | Mar 24, 2016

AOPA is asking the FAA to revise new procedures for issuing student pilot certificates that preclude student pilots from soloing on their sixteenth birthday.

Student plans modern Vin Fiz flight

Article | Mar 23, 2016

A Tennessee aerospace college student hopes to inspire young people when he re-creates Calbraith “Cal” Rodgers’ Vin Fiz cross-country flight from New York to California in May.

FlightSimCon set for June 11, 12

Article | Mar 21, 2016

FlightSimCon, an annual gathering for pilots and aviation enthusiasts, will take place June 11 and 12 at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

Aviation Insurance Resources offers scholarship

Article | Mar 21, 2016

Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) of Frederick, Maryland, is offering a $500 scholarship for student pilots and certificated pilots to help further their training.

Training Tip: Matters of discretion

Article | Mar 21, 2016

As is often true of the standard terminology used in pilot/controller communications, the phrase "pilot's discretion" carries more meaning than its most obvious implications.

Auburn aviation camps set for summer

Article | Mar 16, 2016

Auburn University hosts two weeks of summer aviation camps in Alabama for rising high school students; activities include stick time in cockpits, full-motion simulators, and drones.

Abbey Carlson: Aircraft builder, pilot, junior golfer

Article | Mar 16, 2016

Aircraft builder, high school senior, and junior golfer Abbey Carlson has a lot on her plate before the student pilot enters Vanderbilt this fall on an athletic scholarship.

Airport/Facility Directory gets new name

Article | Mar 15, 2016

The FAA’s familiar green Airport/Facility Directory is changing its official name with the March 31 editions to become the new U.S. Chart Supplements.

Training Tip: A season of sigmets

Article | Mar 14, 2016

How does a pilot who is about to depart find out that some very nasty weather is about to move across the route of flight?