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Weather or not

Article | Mar 22, 2012

Heavy clouds and a low ceiling plagued the morning at AOPA's headquarters in Frederick, Md., not great for VFR Huskies. By early afternoon, conditions improved and a pair of airplanes took off, headed for Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Fla.

Vermont CFI, DPE is National CFI of the Year

Article | Mar 01, 2012

Hobart Caleb "Hobie" Tomlinson of Huntington, Vt., has been named the 2012 National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year.

Water dog

Pilot Magazine | Feb 01, 2012

The small attach points on the side of the AOPA 2012 Sweepstakes Tougher Than a Tornado Husky are easy to overlook and have no real bearing on the way the airplane flies day to day.

Legally Speaking: 'Signing' an e-logbook

Article | Jan 06, 2012

I'm a CFI and the regulations require that I sign students' logbooks and place endorsements in them. But the "logbook" isn’t always a bound book of pages with pre-printed rows and columns that I can write in. Some of my students are coming to me with their laptops because they are using electronic "logbooks". How can I sign or endorse a student's e-logbook?

New NAFI insurance option available for CFIs

Article | Jan 05, 2012

Flight instructors who instruct in aircraft they don't own have a new insurance option from the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) and Avemco Insurance Co. The two organizations announced the NAFI CFI Insurance Program on Jan. 1.

AOPA fields team of talented representatives

Advocacy | Jan 03, 2012

The new crew is ready for takeoff. The mission: build strong local general aviation communities and strengthen AOPA's relationships with state and local governments across the country.

Technique: Pilots are pessimists…and optimists

Pilot Magazine | Nov 01, 2011

Early in training instructors typically - and without warning - pull the throttle back, inform students that they have "lost the engine," and ask the students what they plan to do next. After that, those who go on to obtain pilot certificates constantly have that "what if" question in mind. Pilots are always questioning and preparing for the worst.

Challenges: Powerless flight

Pilot Magazine | Nov 01, 2011

I had anticipated that my first few moments of unpowered flight might be disconcerting. (The engine failures I've had in single-engine airplanes over the years sure created some anxious moments.) But separating from the towplane 3,000 feet over the heavily forested ridges of the Allegheny Mountains of central Pennsylvania produces just the opposite effect.

License to Learn

Pilot Magazine | Oct 01, 2011

Electric airplanes, synthetic vision, and iPad accessories these things, abundant at this year's EAA AirVenture.

Answers for Pilots: Aircraft Airworthiness

Article | Sep 01, 2011

I remember how surprised I was as a student pilot when we finished up a preflight of the airplane we'd flown a few times before, and my flight instructor asked me, "Are you sure this airplane is airworthy?" The preflight had indicated no problems, so I cleared my throat, and suppressed a bit of uncertainty as I quipped, "It better be - we've flown it three or four times already." He chuckled, then answered seriously, "Let's go have a look at its logbooks." And here I'd thought the only important logbook was the cherished one I kept in my new flight bag. We walked into the maintenance facility and there I got my first lesson on airworthiness - and realized it involved a whole lot more than a thorough preflight.

Pilot Counsel:

Pilot Magazine | Aug 01, 2011

In the many columns in which I review the rules that govern our flying I have tried to include an important secondary message. These are the rules that have associated logging requirements.

New book offers resource for flight instructors

Article | Jul 22, 2011

Flight instructors have a new lesson plan resource from one of the country's foremost flight instructors. "Lesson Plans to Train Like You Fly" is a new book from 2009 National CFI of the Year Arlynn McMahon, and is published by ASA.

July 1, 2011, issue of 'AOPA ePilot: Flight Training Edition'

Article | Jul 01, 2011

Training Tips: Knowing the 'why'; Flight Training News: Sennheiser offers scholarships; Inside AOPA: Pump up your pneumatics knowledge; Final Exam Question: My friend hit a bird while flying the other day and was wondering if it was something he should report. How common are bird strikes, and what should I do if I have one?