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Feb. 22, 2013, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' newsletter

Article | Feb 22, 2013

In This Issue: VOLUME 15, ISSUE 8 — February 22, 2013 Student pilot who hit SUV earns ticket IFR Fix: No shaded area TSA urged to break security impasse Quiz Me: Unusable fuel Safety >> Picture Perfect >> AOPA Live >> Click here for this week's custom content. Featured Student pilot who hit SUV earns ticket On final approach to landing at Northwest Regional Airport in Texas, Will Davis felt a thud, but he didn’t think he had hit anything substantial.

Patent battle stifles aviation innovation, enrages aviator

Article | Feb 21, 2013

A patent case filed in federal court will keep a new aviation application that offers backup instruments and a best-glide solution to the nearest airport away from Android devices, possibly for years to come.

Club Spotlight: Wings of Carolina

Article | Jan 14, 2013

Fueling up before departing on a dawn patrol flight. Wings of Carolina operates out of Raleigh Executive Jetport at Sanford-Lee County Airport, a non-towered filed with a 6,500-foot runway.

Editor's pick: Top 10 apps for 2012

Article | Dec 21, 2012

AOPA e-Newsletter and Social Media Editor Benét J. Wilson share the top 10 apps that she’s reviewed in 2012. Did your favorite app make the list?

Question of the Month: How do we build a better relationship with our local FBO?

Article | Dec 15, 2012

Some FBOs may view clubs as competitors and a threat to income, particularly if a club has a flight training program or does its own maintenance. But there are a few simple solutions that can help ease tensions and build a good relationship that benefits both the club and the FBO. Patrick Timmerman, AOPA Sr. Technical Specialist, gives some ideas.

Learn to fly apps

Article | Nov 02, 2012

I am currently a student pilot and a fool for pilot-related apps. I need all the help I can get in learning the ins and outs of flying, so this week, I’m reviewing apps that student pilots should consider.

Redbird: Simulation in training works

Article | Oct 24, 2012

By using full-motion flight simulators, one school is cutting flight time in airplanes to 38 hours for private pilot applicants.

Redbird names Pelton to board, announces partners

Article | Oct 11, 2012

Former chairman and CEO of Cessna Aircraft Co. Jack Pelton has been named to Redbird's board of directors, and ForeFlight has been added as a new partner.

Family's legacy: Training, education center opens in Kansas

Article | Sep 11, 2012

The Spencer Flight and Education Center, created in response to a tragic aircraft accident in 2011, opens Sept. 14 with a focus on making pilots safer.

Tips to survive life-or-death situations

Article | Aug 28, 2012

Learning how to manage risks, mitigate in-flight emergencies, prepare for an emergency landing, and exit the aircraft safely can mean the difference between life and death in emergency situations.

New high school leverages aviation to the max

Article | Aug 15, 2012

Imagine a high school that takes Fridays off and includes flight training as part of the curriculum. Ready to sign up? Some 300 Albuquerque students did just that at the new Southwest Aeronautics, Mathematics and Science Academy (SAMS) located at Double Eagle II Airport on the city's northwest side.

Vision of Flight program lets youths soar

Article | Aug 09, 2012

Have you ever dreamed of flying? That's the question Orlando, Fla., businessman Michael McKenzie is asking youngsters ages 14 to 17 in his metro area. He offers a surprisingly accessible answer in the Vision of Flight program.

Cygnus connects iPad, sims

Article | Jul 27, 2012

With technology comes complexity. Redbird and King Schools have worked together to try to take the complexity out of iPad apps by developing a device that allows for training on the ground.

Engine company takes flight training to shopping malls

Article | Jul 24, 2012

Continental Motors is taking a new flight school concept it calls Zulu to non-airport locations like shopping malls and promising customers full-motion simulator training on their own schedules, a full syllabus, high-quality aircraft, and a fixed price for obtaining ratings (instead of hourly charges).

Log support for AOPA/EAA medical petition at Oshkosh

Article | Jul 19, 2012

Attendees at EAA AirVenture can stop by the AOPA Tent to express support for a request by AOPA and the Experimental Aircraft Association that would reduce the burden of the third class medical.

Flight training center added to AOPA Tent at AirVenture

Article | Jul 05, 2012

The AOPA Flight Training Center will appear for the first time in the AOPA Tent at AirVenture. Bring with you a future pilot who is dreaming of flying. Prospective pilots can try their hand at becoming an aviator by taking the controls of a Redbird Flight Simulations FMX full-motion flight simulator.