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Alliance brings 'STEM' education to deaf learners

Article | Oct 24, 2012

A program seeks to use aviation to help deaf and partially deaf students learn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Print your aircraft? Technology offers new tools

Article | Sep 07, 2012

Aircraft and spacecraft designers are taking advantage of new technology that makes three-dimensional printing a cost-effective option for the fabrication of a wide range of parts. That doesn't mean you can "print" an entire aircraft - yet - but recent advances in this technology may soon drastically reduce the time required to build an airplane at home.

New high school leverages aviation to the max

Article | Aug 15, 2012

Imagine a high school that takes Fridays off and includes flight training as part of the curriculum. Ready to sign up? Some 300 Albuquerque students did just that at the new Southwest Aeronautics, Mathematics and Science Academy (SAMS) located at Double Eagle II Airport on the city's northwest side.

Homegrown effort builds aviation interest

Article | Aug 09, 2012

A group of pilots and airplane builders based at a small Wisconsin airport have banded together to help the next generation take to the skies. A nonprofit organization is building a kitplane with teens, who will learn to fly in their project airplane when the job is done.

AOPA joined by Cessna, Build A Plane for AV8RS launch

Article | Aug 01, 2012

AOPA is one of many organizations reaching out to the next generation of aviators, offering scholarships, free memberships, and other incentives designed to light a spark and stem the loss of pilots and other professionals that threaten the industry.

Teachers get tips for bringing aviation into classroom

Article | Jul 24, 2012

How can what looks like a magic trick teach students about aviation? Ever made a cloud in a jar? Experiments like these are popping up in classrooms to make learning about aviation fun.

Sally Ride: Astronaut, pathfinder, scientist dies at 61

Article | Jul 24, 2012

Sally Kristen Ride took her place in history on June 18, 1983, blasting into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle "Challenger", the first American woman in space. Ride, 61, lost a 17-month battle with cancer on July 23.

Youth aviation initiative picking up steam

Article | May 17, 2012

Aviation summer camps have long targeted youth in hopes of influencing their career aspirations. With an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math classes in the education system and a growing realization of the declining pilot population and predicted pilot shortage, more aviation camps are popping up around the country.

Flying around the world for education

Article | Mar 27, 2012

Florida resident Judy Rice, who is planning a flight around the world in 2013 under the banner of, is trying to reach kids about careers in aviation and interest them in science, technology, engineering, and math.