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Pilot Magazine | Feb 01, 2013

Many readers related to author Chip Wright’s story on the passing of his father and their final flight together. I read the article “Gone West” by Chip Wright with tears in my eyes.

Pilots: James Lipton

Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2013

Inside this television host is a pilot

Harrison Ford talks passion for flying, promoting GA

Article | Oct 12, 2012

Actor and pilot Harrison Ford draws a spotlight on flying from the big screen to the halls of Congress. On Oct. 12, the aviation advocate took the stage at the Palm Springs Convention Center to discuss how aviation helped him reinvent his life - and why all pilots should share the value of aviation with the general public - at the keynote session of AOPA Aviation Summit.

5 reasons you can’t miss Summit

Article | Oct 03, 2012

With Palm Springs, Calif., sporting a $200 million facelift for this year's AOPA Aviation Summit, the association is upping the ante. This event is one no pilot will want to miss.

AV8RS teen members get free admission to Summit

Article | Sep 26, 2012

Teen AOPA AV8RS can hear tales of Arctic adventures from "Flying Wild Alaska" stars, jam with flying musicians, and get advice from instructors--for free.

'Uncle Joey' is a pilot

Article | Mar 20, 2012

Dave Coulier, best known as Uncle Joey from the 1980s television series "Full House," recently stopped by AOPA's Frederick, Md., headquarters. He has been a private pilot since 1979.

Test Pilot

Pilot Magazine | Sep 01, 2007

GENERAL The speed of sound at sea level on a standard day is 663 knots (763 mph). What is the speed of sound in space? How did the television hero Sky King get his first name? From reader John Schmidt: Why is airline stewardess Vesna Vulovic a celebrity in her home in Serbia? From reader Mark Baird: The pilot of a modified Pitts biplane conducts a preflight check of the flight controls.


Pilot Magazine | Feb 01, 1998

We're all sick of the celebrity/athlete/ pilot type by now. You know the guy: To celebrate logging that first hundred hours he went out and bought himself a Citation and a JetRanger, while his latest contract doubled the price of your stadium seat.