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Fly like a fighter: Join the gaggle

Fly like a fighter | Apr 04, 2013

While stationed in Okinawa, Japan, flying the F-15 I made periodic trips to the Philippines to fly in Cope Thunder exercises—the Pacific version of Red Flag. They would schedule up to 70 aircraft in a very dynamic war training event with airplanes split Blue Air against Red Air.

Tenn. Senate passes flight training exemption from new fees

Article | Mar 22, 2013

Tennessee took a step forward in keeping flight training in the state affordable and accessible March 18 when the state Senate passed a bill that would exempt flight schools from new fees and other administrative burdens. When the Tennessee Higher Education Commission announced new regulations and fees affecting Part 141 flight schools in 2012, the additional cost to flight schools—which would be passed on to customers—was enough to make potential students think twice about staying in the state for training.

NFL salutes World War II veteran's service

Article | Nov 08, 2012

World War II veteran Bill Linkenhoker had been chosen as honorary coin-toss captain for the Nov.4 National Football League game at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis between the Colts and the Miami Dolphins. But Linkenhoker, 89, was in Savannah, Ga.

AirCam river run

Pilot Magazine | Nov 01, 2012

Following the Mississippi low and slow.

Veteran flies veteran on milestone mission

Article | Aug 23, 2012

Don Catalano says the best days of his life are when he gets the chance to transport wounded warriors and other patients in his Piper Meridian as a volunteer pilot for Patient Airlift Services.

Become an ambassador for GA

Advocacy | Apr 26, 2012

Pilots can help promote general aviation and serve their communities by creating charitable events at airports, or adding a charitable element to an existing aviation event. Here are tips for creating a charitable event or helping an existing cause.

Flying history

Article | Apr 16, 2012

A five-ship formation of North American B-25 Mitchells depart in rapid succession, joining up over Grimes Field in Urbana, Ohio, for a mission to bring attention to another mission, one that launched 70 years ago from the USS Hornet on April 18, 1942--the Doolittle Tokyo Raid.

Foundation Focus

Pilot Magazine | Apr 01, 2012

Now and again, we all need to update our image. Why? If you’re old enough to remember the 1970s, you probably know the answer.

Cessna employees raise $25,000 for injured vets

Article | Mar 28, 2012

You may have seen pictures since late in 2011 of a patriotically decorated Citation Mustang that Cessna Aircraft Co. donated to the Veterans Airlift Command. Its purpose is to bring together injured veterans with their families.