Brightline introduces new line of flight bags

Apparently the folks who run Brightline Bags thought the company’s bag with dozens of pockets didn’t offer pilots enough choice because they’ve come out with a Chinese takeout menu of choice with a new line called the Flex System.

Now, in addition to the core bag, buyers can choose from five interchangeable modules, a different front and rear cap, and four interchangeable external pockets.

A company representative said, “The result is that for the first time, every individual pilot can create a customized bag that is the exact size and has the exact functionality he or she wants, according to the needs of their next flight.” With no fewer than 11 different bags for pilots to choose from, the options can get a bit overwhelming. So ironically, the company that’s obsessed with offering choice has devised a way to simplify things.

There are five basic configurations that most people will be completely comfortable with. But if choice is your goal, go crazy from there.

Pricing is, well, complicated. The preconfigured bags cost between $109 and $254. New bags will begin delivery in May.