Device enables panel mounted Garmin to send data to iPads

As further proof that iPads are taking over the general aviation world, Guardian Avionics recently launched a unit that will send GPS position wirelessly to an iPad, and in the case of Airguide Publications’ Flight Guide iEFB application, send a flight plan as well.

It works like this: The Guardian Aero 454 is wired to a Garmin 430, 530, 650, 750, G1000, or Bendix/King KLN89, 90B, and 94. It gathers GPS data from the receiver and then sends that information via Bluetooth to practically any iPad in the airplane. Up to three users can connect to the device and get GPS position on most electronic flight bag applications.

Flight Guide iEFB takes it a step further and receives the flight plan and cross-fills it automatically into the application.

It will cost you to play, however. The Aero 454 is TSO certified, but not supplemental type certificated. It costs $999. Flight Guide iEFB is a much more reasonable $99.