Zaon releases ADS B traffic system

Zaon, maker of the PCAS XRX transponder-based portable traffic avoidance system, recently released the MX1090, an ADS-B traffic avoidance system.

The MX1090 is a small antenna that can either act alone or with other Zaon equipment to detect ADS-B Out-equipped aircraft. It will also pick up TIS-B traffic in areas where ATC sends out the data. Paired with the XRX, it will display all transponder-equipped aircraft up to 100 nautical miles.

As with other Zaon units, the MX1090 will display on all Garmin portable GPS units from the 396 on up. It measures fewer than three inches square, and comes in a wired, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi format.

The base price is $599, and it costs $649 for the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi models.