Night Flying

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From first ride to 2nd Lt.

Article | Jun 11, 2012

After a ride in a family friend's Cessna 172 instilled a lifelong fascination with aviation in 6-year-old Nicholas DeLuca, the youngster set his sights on the goal of becoming a fighter pilot.

Never Again Online: Perils of night VFR

Article | Apr 01, 2006

It was early in March 2005, and I was about halfway through my training for the instrument rating. I had been flying practice instrument approaches under the hood with my flight instructor two or three times a week, and I had reached the point in my training when I needed a break from the intensity of it all.

Never Again Online: Pilot in command

Article | Jan 01, 2004

It was early spring and I needed a 250-nm straight-line, nonstop solo flight as well as a minimum of two hours of night flight to satisfy the cross-country requirements for my commercial rating. This flight was a beautiful and uneventful 3.2-hour night flight from Van Nuys, California, to Mesquite, Nevada.

Changes to Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards for Airplane, August 2002

Article | Aug 01, 2002

Changes to Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards for Airplane August 2002 The major change with this publication is the combination of the airplane single-engine sea and land information into one section, and the combination of the multiengine land and sea information into one section, where in the past, there were four separate sections. There are new examiner responsibilities and leeway when conducting a practical test, and specific special-emphasis areas that are spelled out now.