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App roulette

Article | Nov 20, 2012

After throwing a list of apps into an online randomizer, AOPA's Benét J. Wilson takes a look at the top five that the program spit out. You might be surprised by what surfaced.

As 'old school' as it gets

Article | Jul 02, 2012

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome has for half a century fielded a vintage fleet of pioneer, World War I, and barnstorming aircraft in weekend shows that test the skills of a select group of pilots.

Fly like a Fighter: Crosswind controls

Fly like a fighter | Apr 10, 2012

The Air Force Academy had guidance for the Diamond DA40 of maximum wind for takeoff (26 knots), maximum wind for landing (35 knots), and maximum wind for taxi operations (35 knots). Former Air Force instructor Larry Brown suggests all pilots should all have their own limits for the airplanes they fly.

Never Again Online: Wind effects

Article | Dec 01, 2002

Although flying always fascinated me, as it did lots of us who grew up during World War II, it was not until about 1970 at age 36 that I finally had a chance to get serious about my childhood dream. I moved to Charleston, Illinois, only five miles from the Coles County Memorial.

Changes to Private Pilot Airplane Practical Test Standards, August 2002

Article | Aug 01, 2002

Changes to Private Pilot Airplane Practical Test Standards August 2002 The single biggest change is the reorganization of the Private Pilot PTS to incorporate single-engine land and sea and multiengine land and sea sections into one consolidated document with two sections (single and multiengine), thus reducing the Private Pilot PTS to about half the page count. Some tasks have been reorganized into other areas of operation but have not substantially changed in their requirements or standards.

How Low Can You Go?

Article | Oct 01, 1997

Seen one ILS and you've seen 'em all? Not so fast — there are differences. Like limbo dancers, some go low, some really low, and some really, really low.