Engine Operations

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Cirrus 'chutes to safety off Bahamas, none hurt

Article | Jan 11, 2012

Dr. Richard McGlaughlin was level at 9,500 feet msl when the engine stopped, freezing the propeller over warm Atlantic Ocean water near the island of Andros, Bahamas. Accounts of the successful deployment of the Cirrus SR22's parachute, and the Coast Guard rescue of McGlaughlin and his daughter, Elaine, 25, drew national attention. McGlaughlin recounted part of his experience on the AOPA Forums.

Airframe and Powerplant

Article | Oct 01, 2005

How FAA information helps owners Airplane owners who take an interest in the full scope of ownership — not just in the piloting skills required to plan and complete their flights — learn that the real struggle involved in ownership boils down to information. There's no shortage — it seems as if everyone even remotely involved in aviation fancies himself an expert on some subject and is willing to share his expertise.

Never Again Online: Off radar in the Mojave Triangle

Article | Oct 01, 2003

When my sister suggested that I meet her in Las Vegas for her fiftieth birthday last May, I decided to fly there; it had been a year since I had flown solo to a new destination. I chose Henderson Executive Airport, 11 miles south of The Strip and under the Las Vegas Class B airspace, as my destination airport.

Never Again Online: Smilin' Jack's

Article | Aug 01, 2003

I was a low-time pilot with 188 hours total, 135 of those in a 1972 Piper Arrow I had purchased at a fair price from a business that might be called "Smilin' Jack's Pre-Owned Planes and Air Drayage." The Arrow was represented as having a recent major overhaul by Jack's A&P. The A&P at my FBO did a prepurchase inspection and gave the Arrow his OK, although he asked about the orange RTV (room-temperature vulcanizing, otherwise known as silicone sealer) beaded around the middle of the crankcase and cylinder bases.

Never Again Online: The most exciting day

Article | Mar 01, 2003

The most exciting day of my life was nearly my last. Total engine failure in the clouds over mountainous terrain in a piston single probably ranks right up near the top of the general aviation pilot's worst-nightmare list.

Never Again Online: Bad rush

Article | Nov 01, 2002

We were on an overnight trip in Burlington, Vermont. I was the first officer on a Piper Chieftain, and my captain and I had been scheduled for a leisurely afternoon departure.

Never Again Online: One down, none to go

Article | Oct 01, 2001

The meetings in St. Louis broke up early and everyone was rushing to the airport to try to get an earlier flight home.

Airframe and Powerplant

Article | Feb 01, 2001

Sample equipment list with weight-and-balance spreadsheet AOPA Pilot's Steven W. Ells in his February 2001 "Airframe and Powerplant: Checking Your List" encourages aircraft owners to update the equipment lists for their aircraft.

Multi-Engine Airplane Survival

Article | Oct 01, 1970

Most light twins will perform as advertised — the others will do better — if they have good engines, but a lot depends upon the pilot's understanding the power he has available and how to use it. Congratulations.