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Safety Pilot:

Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2011

There is a myth among many in aviation and education that advanced math is essential to fly with any degree of safety and skill. Unfortunately, my father did not pass along his genetic gift for advanced mathematics, but that was little detriment to my becoming a pilot.

AOPA Pilot Online

Pilot Magazine | Sep 01, 2008

Featured story: The key to ownership: Realizing the dream Ever been bit by the “For Sale” banner hanging off a prop, especially if that prop was attached to your “dream” airplane? Nothing wrong with renting, but wouldn’t it be nice to own the airplane and have control over scheduling and maintenance? You bet. “I own an aircraft” has a nice ring to it, indeed.

Answers for Pilots: Stretching your fuel dollar

Pilot Magazine | Aug 01, 2008

Flight planning with a fuel-economy focus, and implementing efficient ground, departure, en route, and arrival procedures will result in immediate fuel savings. Other contributing factors to fuel efficiency that have a long-term, continuing impact on fuel burn, include maintenance and care of the airframe, engine, and prop, as well as aircraft modifications that reduce drag and improve aerodynamics.


Pilot Magazine | Jun 01, 2007

Aviation writer Mark R. Twombly writes from southwest Florida.

Positive Force

Pilot Magazine | May 01, 2007

If you're not familiar with aviation, the term vortex generator might summon visions of a mother-in-law who takes it upon herself to rearrange her daughter-in-law's kitchen within minutes after setting foot in her newly married son's home. Like our fictitious mother-in-law, vortex generators (VGs) do create turbulence.

Pilot Products

Pilot Magazine | Jun 01, 2005

AirGator's NavAir EFB A highly competitive market in moving-map software for use in the cockpit has driven the development of several great programs for electronic flight bags (EFBs). A uniquely intelligent application is that produced by AirGator, the NavAir EFB program for both PocketPC and tablet PC and laptop platforms.

Airframe and Powerplant

Article | Jul 01, 2004

Pitot-static system basics Reaching out to point her finger, the kindergartner asked, "Mom, what's that?" Her mother answered that it was a typewriter, and that almost everyone used to have one. With the recent arrival of glass panels in piston-powered airplanes, children might one day ask the same question when they first glimpse an analog airspeed indicator.

Pilot Products

Pilot Magazine | Jun 01, 2001

Micro Aerodynamics vortex generators With so many modifications to aircraft available to help you pursue higher and faster performance, it's refreshing to explore what you can do to make the bottom of the flight envelope a more pleasant experience. Vortex generators (VGs) are well known in twin-engine circles, where they add so much controllability at slow speeds that VMC (minimum control airspeed) can be reduced substantially — greatly increasing safety.

Turbine Pilot

Pilot Magazine | Dec 01, 2000

Gulfstream's G-II is now entering the "affordable" arena To many pilots, the Gulfstream II is about the sexiest, most graceful jet on the planet. Standing on tall legs with its distinctive 24-foot, 6-inch T-tail; its sharply swept 68-foot wing; and lithe, lean fuselage, it certainly turns heads wherever it parks.

Pilot Products

Pilot Magazine | Sep 01, 2000

BFGoodrich announces integrated avionics suite BFGoodrich is developing a self-contained primary instrument system that integrates all flight avionics and display equipment for general aviation aircraft. The integrated SmartDeck system builds on the company's successful lightning detection, collision avoidance, terrain warning, and standby instrumentation systems, adding primary flight instruments, navigation, weather, and engine monitoring functions.