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Retrofit AOAs available for MU-2s

Article | Apr 25, 2016

Owners of the Mitsubishi MU-2 turboprop twin can now retrofit their airplanes with an angle of attack (AOA) system.

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Solar Impulse in California

Article | Apr 25, 2016

Solar Impulse 2 completed the Hawaii-to-California leg of its round-the-world journey April 23.

Solar Impulse 2 launches

Article | Apr 21, 2016

Solar Impulse 2 pilot Bertrand Piccard strapped into the cockpit in the predawn darkness April 21, preparing for a long-awaited launch.

Siemens electrifies power discussion at AERO

Article | Apr 21, 2016

The all-electric Magnus eFusion two-seat airplane made its first flight on April 11 in Hungary and was first seen at AERO Friedrichshafen in Germany on April 20.

Drone risk in sharper focus

Article | Apr 20, 2016

A reported collision between a drone and a British Airways Airbus A320 over London prompted a flurry of media coverage and fresh concern.

Dollars for drone safety

Article | Apr 13, 2016

AirMap, the Santa Monica, California, firm founded by pilot Ben Marcus, has raised $15 million to support safe integration of drones.

Fly like a fighter: 'He'll fly right by'

Fly like a fighter | Apr 05, 2016

The practices fighter pilots employ in dogfights can help keep you safe in the traffic pattern. Retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Larry Brown explains.

Drone notification made easy

Article | Apr 04, 2016

Recreational drone pilots who plan flights within five miles of an airport can use AirMap to electronically notify airport operators of the flight.

Sonex shows new B models for first time

Article | Apr 02, 2016

Sonex Aircraft is showing the Sonex B and Waiex B kitplanes for the first time at the Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Florida.

Pilot spots fire, alerts authorities

Article | Apr 01, 2016

A Maryland pilot spotted a fire and used his Bluetooth-enabled headset and ForeFlight to contact emergency crews and give them information on the location.

NavWorx connects with Garmin

Article | Mar 31, 2016

NavWorx, maker of the ADS600-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast transceiver, has struck a deal with Garmin to allow the unit to connect to Garmin navigators.

FAA: Flight testing not required for Cirrus jet's parachute system

Article | Mar 28, 2016

The FAA plans to evaluate the Cirrus Vision SF50 jet's ballistic parachute recovery system without requiring costly and potentially dangerous in-flight testing.

Globalstar satcom antenna certified

Article | Mar 25, 2016

Certification of Globalstar's new Part 23 Light Aviation Aircraft Antenna opens the door to affordable satellite-based voice and data communications for light general aviation aircraft.

Drone designed to save lives

Article | Mar 17, 2016

The Vapor 55 unmanned helicopter can spot sharks near beaches, drop life rafts to swimmers in distress, and carry life-saving medical supplies to wounded soldiers.

NASA wins Collier

Article | Mar 10, 2016

The Dawn spacecraft, a NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory mission to the distant reaches of our solar system, has won the 2015 Robert J. Collier Trophy.

L-3 adds terrain and aural traffic to Lynx NGT-9000

Article | Mar 10, 2016

L-3 Aviation Products has added terrain warnings and an aural Traffic Advisory System to its Lynx NGT-9000 touchscreen Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast transponder.

Racers hone their Edges

Article | Mar 10, 2016

The two American teams in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship open the new season with fresh aircraft modifications and fresh determination to win.

Garmin buys DeLorme

Article | Mar 07, 2016

Customers should see no changes to the general aviation product line of navigation and messaging company DeLorme resulting from the firm’s acquisition by Garmin.

Sun Flyer prototype delivered

Article | Mar 04, 2016

Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. has taken delivery of its Sun Flyer, a proof-of-concept, two-seat, solar-electric-powered trainer.

Finmeccanica introduces light turbine single

Article | Mar 03, 2016

Finmeccanica's AW009 will be the newest turbine light single, competing directly with Airbus and Bell for the introductory market.

Dueling drones detect, avoid

Article | Mar 02, 2016

DJI has unveiled a new quadcopter with sense-and-avoid technology, the second such product rolled out as 2016 marks the arrival of small drones with smarts.

NASA targets return to supersonic passenger flights

Article | Mar 01, 2016

NASA announced a new project that could bring the return of supersonic passenger air travel “one step closer to reality.”

Astronaut hopefuls apply to NASA in record numbers

Article | Feb 25, 2016

More than 18,300 applicants are vying to become NASA astronauts, a record number by a huge margin, the space agency announced.

Virgin Galactic unveils 'Unity' spaceship

Article | Feb 24, 2016

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic rolled out Virgin Spaceship Unity, a two-pilot, six-passenger spaceship designed to offer its occupants an unparalleled view of Earth from 62 miles above the planet.

Aviation cold case: DLR seeks to solve Lilienthal's fatal accident

Article | Feb 22, 2016

The German aerospace agency DLR plans to test an accurate replica of Otto Lilienthal’s glider and use modern technology to analyze a nineteenth-century accident.