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Resuming the Journey: Wrapping up the flight review

Article | Jun 25, 2012

After nearly a decade on the ground, a pilot wraps up a thorough five-lesson flight review. On to soft-field landings, short runways, no towers, and lots of adventure in Alaska.

Kenai Peninsula celebrates aviation

Advocacy | Jun 21, 2012

When pilots reach out to their local communities, count on an enthusiastic response. That's especially so in Alaska, where aviation plays an important role in everyday life, and where the public turned out June 9 to attend the Kenai Peninsula Air Fair.

Resuming the Journey: Short- and soft-field takeoffs, Alaska style

Article | Jun 12, 2012

Can short- and soft-field practice at a 5,200-foot pave runway prepare this pilot for operating on a 1,700-foot grass runway, with the last 500 feet sloping downhill at a 15-percent grade?

Aviation Day draws crowd in Fairbanks

Advocacy | Jun 05, 2012

The Fairbanks, Alaska, aviation community rolled out the welcome mat for 2,000 of its neighbors--probably including some future aviation professionals--for an aviation day event at Fairbanks International Airport.

More time granted to comment on military airspace changes

Advocacy | May 31, 2012

Military commanders have extended the deadline to comment on a sweeping set of proposed changes that would impact general aviation flights in Alaska.

Extension requested to review Alaska military plan

Advocacy | May 24, 2012

AOPA has requested a 60-day extension of the comment period on proposed changes to the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex to address the multiple concerns the proposed actions are raising for communities and the state's aviation industry.

Lake Hood Airstrip to close during construction

Advocacy | Apr 23, 2012

Anchorage, Alaska's Lake Hood Airstrip will be closed starting May 7 for a construction project that is expected to be completed June 8.

Alaska pilot survey seeks improved flight safety

Advocacy | Apr 20, 2012

AOPA and the Alaska Airmen's Association, working to reduce aircraft collision risk in the Mat Su Valley, have launched an online pilot survey about flight operations in the region located north of Anchorage.

Resuming the Journey: Takeoffs and landings

Article | Apr 19, 2012

A pilot's first lesson after a nine-year hiatus left her feeling increasingly confident in regaining her skills. But how would she handle the second lesson: takeoffs and landings with winds of 13 knots gusting to 18?

Transportation plan studies Alaska’s federal lands

Advocacy | Apr 05, 2012

Partnership with the aviation community should help shape a long-range transportation plan being developed for 221 million acres of federally managed lands in Alaska, AOPA said.