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It's official: Alaska appreciates general aviation

Advocacy | Sep 05, 2012

Nowhere are pilots and their aircraft more vital to the well-being of their communities than in Alaska.

User survey asks feedback on Alaska training strips

Advocacy | Aug 29, 2012

You can practice short-field landings on a long, wide runway, but will you have mastered the technique when trying to land in truly tight confines?

FAA proposes closing down DF in Alaska

Advocacy | Aug 15, 2012

The FAA has asked for public comment by Sept. 10 on the proposed decommissioning of all direction finder (DF) facilities in Alaska, and 29 associated approaches, citing lack of use and the availability of newer technologies.

Resuming the Journey: Alaska mountain flying

Article | Aug 08, 2012

The two pilots took off in a Cessna 172 from a private 2,200-foot grass strip in Alaska and headed for Wiseman, about 40 miles east. The pilots were going to fly through the mountain passes of the Brooks Range, not over them, using that tried and true navigation: pilotage. The highest peak on the chart was 5,903 feet.

'Flying Wild Alaska' pilots bring adventure to Summit

Article | Aug 02, 2012

You've watched "Flying Wild Alaska" pilots fly through severe turbulence, battle fierce winds, and deal with airsick passengers. During AOPA Aviation Summit, talk to three of the pilots featured on the Discovery Channel show.

FAA seeks accelerated field approvals

Advocacy | Jul 25, 2012

The FAA is seeking comments on a new informational resource that it hopes will accelerate the often-lengthy process of reviewing and issuing field approvals of aircraft modifications.

Infrared vision comes to your 172

Article | Jul 20, 2012

You know that show, "Flying Wild Alaska," where the Tweto family operates a flying service? The daughter, Ariel Tweto, is learning to fly in the Discovery Channel series in a Cessna 172 equipped with possibly the first infrared vision system on any Skyhawk.

Resuming the Journey: Flying the Champ in Alaska

Article | Jul 20, 2012

The Brooks Range offers a picturesque backdrop for a lesson in the rudder dance demanded by the Champ, a conventional-gear workhorse that is decidedly unconventional to pilots accustomed to a Cessna 172.

Lesson 6 - Resuming the Journey: Come to Kingdom

Article | Jul 10, 2012

At Kingdom Air Corps in Sutton, Alaska, the grass strip is short and the scenery is long on beauty. Lesson six brought real bush flying, breathtaking views of mountains and glaciers, and a chance to practice a short- and soft-field landing - for real. It was another step forward in a journey undertaken by pilot Kathy Dondzila, manager of technical communications in the AOPA Pilot Information Center, returning to the left seat to take on new challenges, and the blessings that come with them.

AOPA seeks changes to large military airspace proposal in Alaska

Advocacy | Jun 28, 2012

AOPA is urging the Department of Defense to work with the aviation community to solve access and routing problems posed for general aviation by a revised special-use airspace plan for the Joint Alaska Pacific Range Complex.