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Answers for Pilots: Bahamas calling

Article | Feb 01, 2009

So, you’ve had enough of winter weather and thoughts of flying to the Bahamas have spurred you to make plans for a balmy vacation. You know the basic requirements—passports for all, and for you, a pilot certificate, medical certificate, and restricted radiotelephone operators permit.

Trip Report, November 24, 2009: Bahamas RCOs

Article | Jan 12, 2009

Click image to expand During our post-AOPA Summit Fly Out to the Bahamas, I took advantage of the opportunity to test navaids and RCO’s in the Bahamas. Our route took us over Bimini, Andros (north end), Nassau/New Providence, the central Exumas, Eleuthera (south end), Cat Island and Long Island.

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Article | Dec 01, 2008

Flying to the Bahamas? As the cold weather settles in, the islands may beckon you south, enticing you with their balmy weather, sunny beaches, and piña coladas. If you wanted to fly to the Bahamas for a long weekend, could you just pick up and go? Do you, your passengers, and your aircraft meet the requirements for international travel? Find out the specifics online in AOPA’s Web pages dedicated to providing you with information on what’s required to fly to the Caribbean.


Pilot Magazine | Sep 01, 2007

Aviation writer Mark R. Twombly lives in and writes from Southwest Florida.

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Article | Oct 01, 2006

Parade of Planes event See more than 80 aircraft taxi from Palm Springs International Airport to the Palm Springs Convention Center on Wednesday, November 8, 2006. The Parade of Planes is a prelude to AOPA's annual convention, to be held November 9 through 11 in Palm Springs, California.

Island Life

Pilot Magazine | Feb 01, 2006

"Aim for that hill there. Keep it on your right." "So, basically, go between those two hills?" I say this as the second hill is coming into sight.

A GA Family Adventure

Article | Dec 01, 2004

I'm coming up on PREDA Intersection and 7,000 feet on my departure from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. The Tiger snaps left on Bahamas Route 70V toward Freeport, and I'm concentrating so intently that I'm startled by a squeal of delight from the backseat — Corinna thinks she just saw a dolphin.


Pilot Magazine | Jul 01, 2004

Mark R. Twombly recently bought into a partnership in a Piper Aztec affectionately called "The Aztruck." The year is developing nicely.

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Pilot Magazine | Jun 01, 2004

AOPA ONLINE International trip reports What is more valuable than firsthand experience? If you are planning your first international flight to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Canada, or over Cuba, learn the inside scoop from your fellow AOPA members. "Trip Reports" submitted by other pilots can help your flight go more smoothly.

Return to Norman's Cay

Pilot Magazine | Apr 01, 2004

Welcome to Norman's Cay Dick Fayssoux Remains of a drug lord's home Norman's Cay Debris from N3244W and other victims Gene and Dick Fayssoux Sidney Kirkpatrick "We're going to complete the vacation we never finished back in 1982," Gene Fayssoux announced as she climbed into the sporty V-tail. The Beechcraft Bonanza would take her back to the Bahamian island that nearly claimed her life 21 years ago.