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Tragedy in Mexico

Pilot Magazine | Aug 01, 2012

Humanitarian group suffers fatal accident

Spaceport launches new look, plans expanded tours

Article | Jul 11, 2012

The gateway to civilian space travel is quickly taking shape in the New Mexico desert, and Spaceport America celebrated landing a certificate of occupancy for its operations center with a new website, logo, and a promise of expanded tours for the curious this summer.

Medical volunteer flight turns tragic

Article | Jun 07, 2012

"AOPA Pilot" recently accompanied about 65 volunteers traveling in 16 general aviation airplanes on a trip to Liga International's main clinic in the historic city of El Fuerte, Mexico. But their visit turned tragic when a fatal aircraft accident took the life of a Liga volunteer, injured three passengers, and dealt the organization a crushing blow.

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Mexican ATC fees catching pilots off guard

Advocacy | May 31, 2012

Mexico has begun to detain flights on the ground or deny access to airspace if an aircraft's operator is listed as owing fees buried in the country's tax code for air traffic services or control tower overtime.

Boeing 727 crashed on purpose for science, television

Article | May 03, 2012

The pilot set the jetliner on a crash course and hit the silk, leaving a Boeing 727 packed with cameras, instruments, and crash test dummies to make a final plunge to the Sonoran Desert in the name of science and entertainment.

Cessna 421C, pilot crash in Gulf of Mexico

Article | Apr 20, 2012

Jet fighters and Coast Guard rescue crews watched helplessly as a Cessna 421 spiraled over the Gulf of Mexico April 19. The pressurized twin's windows were covered with ice, and there was no response from the pilot and lone occupant.

FAA finalizes cross-border airways

Advocacy | Apr 17, 2012

New Victor airways will ease the passage of GA aircraft across the U.S.-Mexico border. AOPA supported the creation of the new airways, extending from California and Arizona to Mexicali, Mexico.

New Mexico airport ready to thrive, city stewardship praised

Article | Mar 22, 2012

The city-owned airport in Las Cruces, N.M., has weathered the economic downturn and is poised for resurgence, thanks in large part to municipal leaders with their eye on the future, and the benefits the airport provides to the community.

Answers for Pilots: Flying south to Mexico?

Article | Mar 01, 2012

Many pilots have discovered the beauty and charm of Mexico and now it's easier than ever to fly there. The requirement for private aircraft to be equipped with 406 MHz ELTs has been extended. Pilots with aircraft used exclusively for private flights now have until June 30, 2013, to replace their 121.5-MHz ELT with a 406-MHz model or until their existing 121.5-MHz ELT needs to be replaced, whichever comes first. More good news: we've received a letter of clarification on insurance requirements that may save pilots hundreds of dollars when planning to fly in Mexico. The letter spells out once and for all what the insurance needs are for private aircraft flying to Mexico.

Member Guide

Pilot Magazine | Mar 01, 2012

About 8 percent of men and one-half percent of women in the United States have problems with color perception. Whether caused by genetics, injury, or disease, color blindness is challenging to live with and presents special hurdles for pilots. The medical standards in FAR Part 67 specify that applicants for all classes of medical certification must have "the ability to perceive those colors necessary for the safe performance of airman duties." Every visit to an AME for renewal of an airman medical certificate involves taking a color vision test. Technically known as a pseudoisochromatic color plate test, it's the one with the pages of different-colored dots.