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Cessna 421C, pilot crash in Gulf of Mexico

Article | Apr 20, 2012

Jet fighters and Coast Guard rescue crews watched helplessly as a Cessna 421 spiraled over the Gulf of Mexico April 19. The pressurized twin's windows were covered with ice, and there was no response from the pilot and lone occupant.

FAA finalizes cross-border airways

Advocacy | Apr 17, 2012

New Victor airways will ease the passage of GA aircraft across the U.S.-Mexico border. AOPA supported the creation of the new airways, extending from California and Arizona to Mexicali, Mexico.

New Mexico airport ready to thrive, city stewardship praised

Article | Mar 22, 2012

The city-owned airport in Las Cruces, N.M., has weathered the economic downturn and is poised for resurgence, thanks in large part to municipal leaders with their eye on the future, and the benefits the airport provides to the community.

Member Guide

Pilot Magazine | Mar 01, 2012

About 8 percent of men and one-half percent of women in the United States have problems with color perception. Whether caused by genetics, injury, or disease, color blindness is challenging to live with and presents special hurdles for pilots. The medical standards in FAR Part 67 specify that applicants for all classes of medical certification must have "the ability to perceive those colors necessary for the safe performance of airman duties." Every visit to an AME for renewal of an airman medical certificate involves taking a color vision test. Technically known as a pseudoisochromatic color plate test, it's the one with the pages of different-colored dots.

Answers for Pilots: Flying south to Mexico?

Article | Mar 01, 2012

Many pilots have discovered the beauty and charm of Mexico and now it's easier than ever to fly there. The requirement for private aircraft to be equipped with 406 MHz ELTs has been extended. Pilots with aircraft used exclusively for private flights now have until June 30, 2013, to replace their 121.5-MHz ELT with a 406-MHz model or until their existing 121.5-MHz ELT needs to be replaced, whichever comes first. More good news: we've received a letter of clarification on insurance requirements that may save pilots hundreds of dollars when planning to fly in Mexico. The letter spells out once and for all what the insurance needs are for private aircraft flying to Mexico.

Flight school victimized by renter's smuggling arrest

Article | Feb 02, 2012

A southern California flight school owner faces the loss of his two-year-old business, along with the Cessna 172 he rented to a well-known customer. The Jan. 20 seizure of N5283E and arrest of Lino Rodriguez-Chavez by border patrol agents marked the fourth arrest and seizure of a light aircraft involved in the smuggling of people, rather than drugs, since 2010.

FAA proposes cross-border airway extensions

Advocacy | Jan 10, 2012

The FAA has proposed taking two Victor airways south of the border to facilitate general aviation crossings into Mexican airspace.

GA Serves America: Above the spill

Article | Nov 01, 2010

Scattered clouds explode like popcorn in the humid dawn air above the Gulf of Mexico. Pilot Gary G.

Answers for Pilots: Flying to Mexico

Article | Oct 01, 2010

Birds are pretty smart when it comes to flying where the weather is nice. As they head south this fall, you may want to follow them and enjoy the lingering warmth of Mexico and the Baja Peninsula. If you are going to attend AOPA Aviation Summit, Nov. 11 – 13 in Long Beach, Calif., consider joining the Fly-out to Baja and beyond, offered through Caribbean Sky Tours, which departs Long Beach on Sunday, Nov. 14 and returns to Calexico, Calif., on Friday, Nov. 19. Aircraft will stop in Loreto, Cabo San Lucas, and Alamos. Information about the fly-out is online.

'AOPA Pilot' Online

Article | Oct 01, 2010

The Air Up There Mike Collins loaded up his camera and his notebooks to tackle a tough assignment in the New Mexico desert. He’d have to rise before the sun, look to the skies all day, and maybe even share a glass of mandatory champagne—when you cover the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, it’s a tough gig.