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Wx Watch: FROPA Basics

Pilot Magazine | Mar 01, 2006

You're standing on the ramp, about to climb into your airplane and take off. You notice that the wind has picked up, and your airport's latest AWOS (automated weather observation system) broadcast says that the altimeter setting has just dropped a bit.

Test Pilot

Article | Dec 01, 2005

GENERAL What is meant by "an airplane on a stick"? Has there ever been a biplane produced in the United States with retractable landing gear? The Rotax aircraft engine is becoming increasingly popular with homebuilders and manufacturers of motorgliders and light sport aircraft (LSA). How did Rotax get its name? When the German ace Baron von Richtofen flew behind a Sopwith Camel during World War I and noticed it beginning to pitch sharply nose up, why would he immediately begin shooting to the right of the Camel? (The answer is unrelated to p-factor.) From reader Mark Barchenko: During the early days of jet fighters, American pilots wore G-suits to prevent blackout during high-G maneuvering.

Pilot Briefing

Pilot Magazine | Nov 01, 2005

Pilot rescues grandmother from hurricane's aftermath A house without electricity in 95-degree heat and full of 24 other people, some of them sick, is no place for a 79-year-old grandmother who recently suffered two strokes and a heart attack. These were the thoughts bouncing around in Derek Lott's mind.

Hangar Talk

Article | Oct 01, 2005

Everyone knows that VFR and IFR have different sets of rules," says Bruce Landsberg, executive director of the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. "But while VFR is always VFR, IFR has elements of both, depending on the conditions." See "Safety Pilot Landmark Accidents: Radar Service Terminated," page 94.

Wx Watch: ADDS Upgrades

Pilot Magazine | Oct 01, 2005

Faithful readers of "Wx Watch" will recall that I've referred to the Aviation Weather Center's (AWC) Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) Web site many times in the past. ADDS provides many valuable briefing products, and the AWC is constantly improving the site to make it more valuable and cutting edge.

Never Again Online: Hurricane fool

Article | Sep 01, 2005

As an aspiring professional pilot living in southern Florida I had committed myself to building actual instrument time. I flew in the system, had flown several approaches to minimums as pilot in command, and achieved my commercial ticket at a great flight school.


Pilot Magazine | May 01, 2005

Editor in Chief Thomas B. Haines travels throughout the country in his A36 Bonanza.

Pilot Briefing

Pilot Magazine | Oct 01, 2004

Bohannon to try for altitude record in fall Record-holder Bruce Bohannon plans this fall to flog his Exxon Flyin' Tiger to the altitude record he sought at Oshkosh when mechanical problems literally let him down, but not before reaching 45,500 feet. His goal was 50,100 feet.


Pilot Magazine | Oct 01, 2004

Mark R. Twombly, a writer, editor, and pilot, has a new respect for the forces of nature.

Turbine Pilot

Article | Feb 01, 2004

Trusting your instincts — and the autopilot We were halfway down the ILS in nighttime visual conditions. The wind direction arrow displayed on the Boeing 757's moving map showed that the 50-knot winds aloft were from the right at a 60-degree angle.