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Man vs. mountain

Article | Mar 15, 2012

You'll know when the avalanche probe lands on a person: That spongy, soft feeling is like nothing else on the mountain, ski guide Kirk Becker explains to four advanced skiers at the Whistler Municipal Heliport. It's a standard briefing at British Columbia's Whistler Heli-Skiing, where remote alpine adventures are contingent on the Pacific coastal weather and the decision of the pilot in command.

A big no-show: The mild whimper of 2011-2012

Article | Feb 23, 2012

Whatever your take on the news - and whether or not you ever needed a preheat before flying this winter - start planning your spring aviating, because if spring hasn't reached your area yet, it's now safe to predict that it's just around the corner.

Never Again Online: New Year's resolution

Article | Dec 01, 2006

"When a front is occluded, the weather is anyone's guess." Those words, spoken by my instructor years ago, nagged me as my wife and I finished dinner in Hickory, North Carolina, where we had stopped for fuel. Now we were waiting out the weather before completing our trip back to Atlanta's Dekalb-Peachtree airport.

Never Again Online: Caught off guard

Article | Oct 01, 2005

We had been trying to make this flight for three weeks now. There was always something that caused us to cancel the trip — an hour-long jaunt from my home airport in New Jersey to Reading Regional/Carl A.

Never Again Online: Framing the problem

Article | Jul 01, 2005

My family had begun to enjoy the advantages of general aviation as we used our Cessna 182A for trips to visit relatives away from our home base in Indiana. On this particular weekend in July, we had planned a trip to Michigan to attend a wedding.

Never Again Online: Smoke on final

Article | Feb 01, 2004

Beautiful blue skies in the Northeast after weeks of freezing rain and snow created an irresistible urge to fly. My wife, daughter, and I had planned to fly to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on Friday morning for Presidents' Day weekend.