AOPA ePilot Frequently Asked Questions

What is ePilot?

Delivered each Friday morning, AOPA ePilot is a free weekly e-mail newsletter for AOPA members. It provides the latest general aviation news as well as actions taken by AOPA, updates from Capitol Hill, and aviation events.

How do I sign up for ePilot?

Subscribing to AOPA ePilot is easy. Simply go to

I am receiving ePilot, but it is full of symbols. What does this mean?

It means you are receiving the html version of ePilot, which includes graphics. Some Internet service providers (ISPs) do not allow you to receive html e-mail messages. Go to and resubscribe for the text version of the newsletter.

I like to read my e-mail offline, but ePilot launches my Web browser when I open it. How can I prevent this?

If you are receiving the html version of ePilot, it must launch your Web browser to display the graphics. The text version will not do this unless you click on one of the links within the newsletter. To sign up for the text version go to

I have been receiving ePilot, but my subscription suddenly stopped — what happened?

As long as your AOPA membership has not lapsed or your e-mail address has not changed, this is probably a problem with your ISP. Contact your ISP's customer service department for help with this problem.

I would like to receive ePilot at home and at my office — how can I get two copies?

Our system at AOPA currently tracks only one e-mail address. AOPA's system is designed to provide maximum member benefit at minimum cost to all of our members. You may be able to forward your e-mail automatically to your home. Check with your office's system administrator.

Can non-AOPA members receive ePilot?

No. ePilot is a member benefit just like AOPA Pilot magazine. Membership information is available at

I enjoy receiving ePilot, but some weeks I receive more than one copy — why does this happen?

When ePilot is broadcast, a temporary interruption in the transmission may occur. Our server tries to send the newsletter again, but in the meantime the original message may go through, resulting in multiple copies in your e-mail box.

I am an AOL subscriber. Suddenly, none of the links in ePilot are "clickable." What happened?

You will be able to restore all functionality to ePilot if you upgrade to AOL version 6 or 7. This is a free upgrade, and one they are apparently trying to get all of their customers to take advantage of. To download it from AOL, type in keyword "upgrade." Once you have done that, go to and choose to receive the html version of ePilot.

I am a Hotmail subscriber. Why can't I click on any of the links in ePilot?

If you cannot click any of the links in ePilot, try this: open the email message, close it, and reopen it. The links should now work.