Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator

mobile flight risk evaluatorDownload the Air Safety Institute’s Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator to clarify the gray areas of making a go/no-go decision. By taking into account your total flying experience, including recent flight hours, how much experience in a given aircraft, weather, terrain, and runway information, this app gives you an assessment of how much risk you may be undertaking for a particular flight—helping you to be more realistic about your skills and proficiency.

  • It’s free—to anyone!
  • Great tool for students, instructors, and veteran aviators
  • Offline and online access
  • Store performance data for one or more aircraft
  • Automatically download real-time airport weather and runway information
  • Objective risks, safety recommendations, and explanations
  • Helps craft your own personal minimums
  • Make better, safer choices

Watch the video below to learn more and click the button to the left to download the app today!

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AOPA Air Safety Institute Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator app

App for iPhone, iPad or Android device helps you come up with a go/no go decision for your next flight.