Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator FAQs

Do I need to be an AOPA member to use this?
No, the app is free to anyone to download and use.

What does the app do?
The Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator, which is based on the same logic as ASI’s online Flight Risk Evaluator, is designed to help pilots take a more systematic approach to those gray areas of go/no-go decisions.  By taking into account total flying experience, including recent flight hours, how much experience in a given aircraft, weather, terrain, and runway information, the app provides guidance on how much risk a pilot may be undertaking for a particular flight. The guidance is general but objective enough to point out potential pitfalls that can be overlooked once emotional and psychological factors weigh in—allowing pilots to be realistic about their skills and proficiency.

Why doesn’t this know my route or the weather along it?
The Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator is not designed to be a flight planner; rather it can be used as general safety-related guidance once all of the appropriate flight-planning tasks have been completed. The app will not compute your route, nor will it pull departure and destination information along the route.

Are my flights logged anywhere?
No, the Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator does not log your flights; however you have the option of emailing the results.

How do I select a different aircraft?
On screen 1 of 5, you have the option of clicking the “Profile” button before you begin entering your flight data. By pressing this and selecting the “Aircraft” button, you will see all of the aircraft that you first entered into the app. The current default aircraft you have selected will have a blue dot next to it. To change which aircraft you are using, click on that aircraft, and then click “Set Default.” This will bring you to screen 1 of 5 to begin using the app.

What formats are acceptable for each field that requires data entry?
Each field has different formats based upon what information needs to be entered. By clicking the question mark (?) next to each input field, you can see which formats can be used.