Safety Publications

Expand your knowledge by choosing from the Air Safety Institute's wide selection of publications; available to pilots free of charge.

CFI to CFI Newsletters

Both pilots and instructors will benefit from the Air Safety Institute's quarterly newsletter to instructors.

Safety Advisors

Find need-to-know information and a wealth of practical advice in the Air Safety Institute's Safety Advisors. A variety of topics are available, including airspace, weather, instrument operations, and GPS.

Safety Briefs

Safety Briefs are short (2-4 page) publications designed to offer expert guidance and useful tips for pilots.

VFR into IMC Syllabus

This syllabus is designed to help protect pilots against GA's most fatal type of weather-related accident: VFR into IMC. It is recommended for use by flight instructors and schools.

Nall Report

This acclaimed annual safety report provides perspective to the previous year's general aviation accident statistics.

Special Reports

Get straightforward analysis—based on accident reports in the Air Safety Institute Accident Database—of challenges to aviation safety.

Airspace at-a-Glance Card

Know at a glance what the weather minimums and communication requirements are for the airspace around you.

Intercept Procedures Card

Notams and TFRs are more common than ever. Take this card on your trips so you'll know what to do when that F-16 pops up in your window.

Flight Planner Form

A guide to help with efficient and complete flight planning—ready for you to print and use.

Pilot Report (Pirep) Form

Pireps are an invaluable source of weather information for the decision-making process. We need your help to create more pireps; this handy form makes it easy!

Flash Cards

Flash cards are a great way for pilots to learn about complex topics. They're also a helpful testing tool for flight instructors and pilot examiners. Here you can find flashcards pertaining to runway safety, airspace, and aircraft.

Featured Accidents

An archive of accident reports featured in AOPA ePilot.

Safety Pilot Article Index

Browse the archives of AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg's column in AOPA Pilot magazine, available by date of publication.

Instructor Report Archive

An archive of the Air Safety Institute's original newsletter to instructors.

Safety Highlights

Browse type-specific aircraft reviews and find information about safety records, technical details, and more.

Pilot's Checkride Guide

This booklet is designed to provide pilots and flight instructors with a compact reference guide to frequently used practical test standards and logbook endorsements.

Sport Pilot Checkride Guide

A compact reference on Practical Test Standards, eligibility requirements, flight and aeronautical experience requirements, and required endorsements.

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