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Heard of the ‘Troxler Effect?’—watch Rod Machado’s eye-opening video demonstration in ‘See and Avoid.’ Also, learn about teaching ‘Soft Skills’ that are crucial to flight safety, and take away lessons from an instructional accident. Whether you're an active flight instructor or getting back into the cockpit, access ASI’s free digital flight instructor newsletter articles and videos, anywhere, anytime.

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CFI to CFI: Get Schooled

 Volume 6 | Issue 2

Feature: Get Schooled—Applying Nuts and Bolt in Flight Training

“Developing a greater understanding of the aircraft systems—not just from reading about them but by talking to mechanics and helping to work on the systems—gives us a broader knowledge base to work from when troubleshooting a potential emergency situation.”

Departments: ASI Online: Communication is Everything | Chief's Corner: Invest in Yourself | CFI Tips: Lockheed Martin Flight Service | CFI Tools: ADS-B Spelled Out | Real Pilot Story: From Miscue to Rescue | Safety Seminar: Cross Country Challenge | Safety Spotlight: Done it a Million Times | Safety Quiz: IFR Charts: Into a Black Hole

Commentary: ASI Message: Back to Basics | Collected Wisdom: Tricks of the Trade | Letters | News

Video: ASI Online: Communication is Everything | CFI Tips: Lockheed Martin Flight Service | Real Pilot Story: From Miscue to Rescue | Pilot Safety Announcement: Real Aviation Heroes

CFI to CFI: My Toughest Student

Volume 6 | Issue 1

Feature: My Toughest Student—Flying with Mom

“She wanted to get started on her instrument rating, fly some approaches on our way home, and log as much time as possible under the hood. Already, this seemingly simple airplane checkout was getting complicated.”

Departments: Accident Case Study: Emergency Management |ASI Online: Could You Handle a Survival Situation? | Chief's Corner: Safe Strategies to Live By | CFI Tips: The Eastman Technique | CFI Tools: Get Ready to Taxi | Safety Seminar: After the Crash—Surviving an Aircraft Accident | Safety Spotlight: Blurred Lines | Safety Quiz: What You Can’t See, Can Hurt You

Commentary: True Confessions | Letters | News

Video: Accident Case Study: Emergency Management |ASI Online: Could You Handle a Survival Situation? | Pilot Safety Announcement: Living on the Edge | Safety Seminar: After the Crash—Mythbursters

CFI to CFI: Deciding to Go Around

Volume 5 | Issue 4

Feature: Deciding to Go Around—Fundamentals of a Rejected Landing

“There are a number of links in this near-accident chain…most important, the student’s fundamental misunderstanding of what a go-around really is and when it should be used.”

Departments: ASI Online: Learn and Earn Safety Challenge | Chief's Corner: What’s On Your Mind? | CFI Tips: Who is Flying This Airplane? | CFI Tools: Help Your Students Learn | Real Pilot Story: Icing Encounter | Safety Seminar: After the Crash—Surviving an Aircraft Accident | Safety Spotlight: First Things First | Safety Quiz: Fly the Boardwalk Approach

Commentary:Controlled Flight Into Terrain | Letters | Touch and Goes—Have We Been Teaching it Wrong?

Video: Accident Case Study: CFI Tools: Help Your Students Learn—Ask ATC | Pilot Safety Announcement: It’s a Drag | Real Pilot Story:  Icing Encounter | RPS Sidebar: Flying the Weather—Picking Up Ice

CFI to CFI: The Safest Course?

Volume 5 | Issue 3

Feature: The Safest Course? Examining Accidents During Advanced Instruction

“CFIIs, remember that your first obligation isn’t as instructor but safety pilot—and that means sacrificing training objectives if it’s necessary to assure separation.”


Departments: Chief's corner: Letting Go | CFI Tips: Avoiding VFR into IMC—A strategy | CFI Tools: ASI Download Portal | Safety Spotlight: The Virtue of Adversity | Safety Quiz: Cross-Country Flight to Festus

Commentary: Flaps Lapse | Letters

Video: Accident Case Study: VFR into IMC—Equals Dead-End Proposition | ASI Message: Only Six Percent | ASI Online: Datalink Weather: from Concept to Cockpit | CFI Tips: Avoiding VFR into IMC—A strategy | Pilot Safety Announcement: 178 Seconds to Live

CFI to CFI: Arrival and Approach Briefings

Volume 5 | Issue 2

Feature: Arrival and Approach Briefings—The Components of a Safe Arrival

“Single pilot operations in light aircraft can be safer if you teach pilots the value of thinking through what it’s going to take to get from en route to tie-down.”


Departments: Chief's corner: Flying is as Safe as You Make It | CFI Tips: Density Altitude—An Experiment | CFI Tools: Passenger Safety Briefing | Safety Spotlight: Into the Unknown | Safety Quiz: Non-Precision Approach at CEC

Commentary: Talking to ATC | Landing Attitude

Video: CFI Tips: Density Altitude—An Experiment | CFI Tools: Passenger Safety Briefing | Pilot Safety Announcement: School Daze | Real Pilot Story: Fire in the Cockpit

CFI to CFI: It’s My Aircraft

Volume 5 | Issue 1

Feature: It’s My Aircraft

“Are you and your students prepared for an in-flight emergency?”


Departments: CFI Tools: Need a Second Opinion? | CFI Tips: See & Avoid | Safety Spotlight: Don’t Scare the Children | Chief's corner: Teaching Soft Skills | Safety Quiz: Teach Your Students About ODPs

Commentary: Logging On For Online Refresher Course | Help Me—I’m Stalling...

Video: CFI Commentary: Everyone’s Problem | Accident Case Study: Communication Breakdown | Pilot Safety Announcement: iPanel | CFI Tools: Need a Second Opinion? | CFI Tips: See & Avoid—The Troxler Effect | Safety Spotlight: Don’t Scare the Children

CFI to CFI: The Journey to Becoming a CFI

Volume 4 | Issue 4

Feature: The Journey to Becoming a CFI

“From the first moment in flight instructor training, you never quite see aviation the same way again.”


CFI Tools: Flying the Weather | CFI Tips: Takeoffs & Landings | Safety Spotlight: Words to the Wise | Chief’s corner: What's the Weather Really Like? | Safety Quiz: Ice Flight

Commentary/Video: Something to Fear | Into the Ice

Video: ASI Note: eFIRC at Your Service | Accident Case Study: Delayed Reaction | Pilot Safety Announcement: It’s a Drag | CFI Tools: Flying the Weather | CFI Tips: Takeoffs & Landings

CFI to CFI: A Question of the Mind

Volume 4 | Issue 3

Feature: A Question of the Mind

“He explained that he had wanted to fly all his life—he had dreamed of being a pilot since early childhood—but the night before, his dream had been destroyed: He had been scared half out of his wits and was going to discontinue training.”


CFI Tools: Airspace “On the Go” with e-Flash Cards | CFI Tips: Stall Commandments | Safety Spotlight: Caveat Mentor | Chief’s corner: Focus on What’s Important | Safety Quiz: A Day in the Sun

Commentary/Video: To Your Health | It’s the Basics

Video: CFI Tips: Stall Recovery | ASI Note: eFIRC at Your Service | Accident Case Study: In Too Deep | Pilot Safety Announcement: V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N.

CFI to CFI: 5 Tips For Dynamite Demonstrations

Volume 4 | Issue 2

Feature: 5 Tips For Dynamite Demonstrations

Maneuver demonstrations are key events for aviation students. Although flight instructors are generally excellent observers and critics, they sometimes provide demonstrations that are not as helpful as they should be.


CFI Tools: Boost your business | CFI Tips: Measure with the right ruler | Safety Spotlight: See for yourself | Chief’s corner: eFIRC | Safety Quiz: Thunderstorm avoidance

Commentary/Video: Honing your craft | Stuff your CFII may not have told you

Video: Chief's corner: Accident case study featured in eFIRC | ASI Online: Accident Case Study—Time lapse | Real Pilot Story: Bird strike | Ask ATC: Practice approach

CFI to CFI: Professionalism

Volume 4 | Issue 1

Feature: Professionalism

A student taught by a flight instructor with a professional attitude will reflect that professional attitude, their competence as a pilot never in question.


CFI Tools: ASI at your service | Safety Spotlight: Four’s a crowd | Chief’s corner: Save a life | Safety Quiz: Are you ready to fly rogue?

Commentary/Video: Flip your classroom | Airline of one: Déjà vu, again?

Video: CFI Tips: The power of questions | ASI Online: Heads up! Improving runway safety | Real Pilot Story: Underwater escape | Ask ATC: Flight following & airspace

CFI to CFI: Behavioral modeling (Part 2)

Volume 3 | Issue 3

Feature: Behavioral modeling (Part 2)

Good teachers tend to use behavior-modeling skills naturally, regardless of whether or not they’ve had specific training in educational psychology…


CFI Tools: The CFI who makes a difference | Safety Spotlight: Know your enemy | Chief's corner: The journey’s journal

Commentary: Welcome to your new digital edition of CFI to CFI

Video: CFI Tips: Emergencies—Beyond the checklist | ASI Online: Critical Information—The passenger safety briefing | Real Pilot Story: Ambushed by ice | Ask ATC: Minimum fuel vs. fuel emergency

CFI to CFI: Behavioral modeling (Part 1)

Volume 3 | Issue 2

Feature: Behavioral modeling (Part 1)

Once you know the details of how any behavior or skill is assembled in your noggin…you can more easily repackage that knowledge and use it to guide and develop your students’ behavior…


CFI Tools: A tale of two students | Safety Spotlight: A life cut short | Chief's corner: Enjoy the ride

Commentary: GA safety is my responsibility

Video: Dancing with Sean Tucker | Ask ATC: Transponder operations | Storm Week

CFI to CFI: Scaring the runway

Volume 3 | Issue 1

Feature: Scaring the runway

...the student will touch down gently enough, not realizing we've landed..

Departments: CFI Tools: The runway-alignment reflex | Safety Spotlight: Whatever you say, sir. | Chief's corner: Are you listening?

Commentary: Breaking the cycle—Final thoughts

Video: Engine failure in IMC | Ask ATC: Progressive tax | Icing can drag you down!

CFI to CFI: I told you so!

Volume 2 | Issue 4

Feature: I told you so!

Bill entered the spin the way we had discussed. Then suddenly things went horribly wrong.

Departments: CFI Tools: Aviation katas | Safety Spotlight: Who's in charge? | Chief's corner: Teaching the teacher

Commentary: Breaking the cycle—No regrets

Video: Fire in the cockpit | Flight Training Initiative | Ask ATC: Flight Following | Real Aviation Heroes

CFI to CFI: The five-step teacher

Volume 2 | Issue 3

Feature: The five-step teacher

Unfortunately, there's often a big difference between how we teach a maneuver and what we really do ourselves.

Departments: CFI Tools: AOPA Aviation Summit—focus on safety | Safety Spotlight: See no evil  | Chief's corner: Never too late!

Commentary: Breaking the cycle

CFI to CFI: Chalk talk: 6 Tips to boost your board skills

Volume 2 | Issue 2

Feature: Chalk talk: 6 Tips to boost your board skills

Have the student take the board and explain what has just been taught. This additional opportunity for informal evaluation will help determine whether the student requires additional training.

Departments: CFI Tools: Even the masters have masters | Safety Spotlight: What can you do? | Chief's corner: Getting it

Commentary: Demystifying ATC: Who's behind the mask of radar scopes?

CFI to CFI: Hubert and the Spin

Volume 2 | Issue 1

Feature: Hubert and the Spin

"I never believed that flying could be so much fun," he said. "I never soloed before because my last instructor scared the pants off me."

Departments: CFI Tools: The art of professionalism | Safety Spotlight: That sinking feeling | Chief's corner: In their shoes

Commentary: What do student pilots value most in their CFI?

CFI to CFI: Mayday

Volume 1 | Issue 3

Feature: Mayday

Most pilots are as reluctant to declare an emergency as they are to abort a landing and perform a go-around. Instructors must do all they can to erase this dangerous mindset.

Departments: CFI tools: ASI webinars | Safety Spotlight: A little learning | Chief's corner: Switching hats

Commentary: A new flight plan

CFI to CFI: Mars Teaching Venus

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Feature: Mars teaching Venus

I had a flight instructor who would bark orders and scream at me when I couldn't do something right. I wanted to understand, and not understanding made me lose confidence.

Departments: CFI tools: ASI's Flight Risk Evaluator, Safety spotlight: Green on green, Chief's corner: Mother duck

CFI to CFI: Becoming a Flight Instructor

Volume 1 | Issue 1

Feature: Becoming a flight instructor

"You're my first student, you know," I volunteered. "Excellent," he smiled. "That means you'll be around for a while!"

Departments: CFI tools: Airspace flash cards, Safety spotlight: CFIs behaving badly, Chief's corner: Proactive safety education?