Welcome to the Air Safety Institute

Welcome to the Air Safety Institute (ASI), a division of the AOPA Foundation. ASI serves all pilots—not just AOPA members—by providing free or low-cost education programs to pilots and flight instructors nationwide, analyzing safety data, and conducting safety research.

Online: Try our online interactive courses, which qualify for AOPA Accident Forgiveness and the ground portion of the FAA WINGS program. Learn about runway safety, radio communications, airspace, weather, and more. Check out the Real Pilot Stories series to hear the pilots' detailed accounts of what went wrong and, more importantly, what they learned. And view the Accident Case Studies , which re-create accidents using audio and flight simulation and include careful analysis and safety tips allowing pilots to examine an accident in detail. These programs are all part of a rapidly growing online safety center

Seminars: Each year ASI presents seminars to more than 40,000 attendees. Previous topics included “Top 5 Mistakes Pilots Make,” “Top 10 Things Other Pilots Do Wrong,” and “Real World IFR” to name a few.

Webinars: In 2010 ASI reached more than 10,000 pilots through live Webinars about thunderstorms and ATC, runway safety, takeoffs and landings, and cold weather operations. With more topics planned for 2011, ASI intends to double the number of Webinar participants.

Flight Instructors: ASI renews more flight instructor certificates than any other course provider. Flight instructors can renew their certificates by taking a high energy, two-day, in-person refresher clinic, or by taking a self-paced online course. In addition, CFIs can now subscribe to the quarterly CFI to CFI digital newsletter and browse archived copies.

Leadership: ASI influences the decision-making processes within the FAA, NTSB, The National Weather Service, and the GA industry by providing commonsense suggestions based on decades of experience and tens of thousands of flight hours.

Funding: Individual pilots can make tax-deductible charitable contributions to the AOPA Foundation in support of the institute's safety programs and products. Any and all donations are welcome to help us spread the safety message, and we are pleased to recognize many giving levels.

With your help, we can and will make a difference to the general aviation community's safety record. If you have any questions concerning ASI, our programs, or how to fund ASI through the AOPA Foundation, please e-mail us or call 800/638-3101.

Safe flights,

Bruce Landsberg


Updated December 5, 2013