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Kathy Dondzila from AOPA's Pilot Information Center offers advice on proficiency, ownership, medical issues, and other topics affecting pilots.

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Answers for Pilots: Do it yourself

The FAA allows aircraft owners to perform many preventive maintenance tasks provided they do not involve complex assembly operations.

2015, 01 16


Answers for Pilots: Diabetes

Diabetes treated with oral medications and under good control can still obtain a special issuance medical under the current guidelines.

2014, 12 10


Answers for Pilots: Holiday Flying

Holiday flying can involve more distractions than usual. Read tips for safe flying.

2014, 11 12


Answers for Pilots: Flying to the Islands

What's involved in flying a private aircraft to the Bahamas?

2014, 09 15


Answers for Pilots: Airman Medical Certification - What's Changed?

Find out what has changed in regard to airman medical certification.

2014, 08 13
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