2013 Answers for Pilots

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Answers for Pilots: Charitable flying

Article | 2013, 12 02

Thought about participating in a charitable flying event? Many nonprofit groups host a day at the airport in which volunteer pilots can give flights to eager fledglings. Check with your local airport about what may be scheduled for 2014.

Answers for Pilots: Holiday trip planned?

Article | 2013, 11 01

Reduce your stress and fly safely through the holidays.

Answers for Pilots: When Mr. Sandman Dogs You During the Day

Article | 2013, 09 16

Pilots with sleep apnea can be certified.

Answers for Pilots: A Ticket to Learn

Article | 2013, 08 21

Add a rating or endorsement

Answers for Pilots: AOPA Stay Smart Webinars

Article | 2013, 08 13

August Answers for Pilots on webinars

Answers for Pilots: Bahamas

Article | 2013, 07 01

Tips on flying in the Bahamas

Answers for Pilots: Nontowered Airport Operations

Article | 2013, 06 01

June Answers for Pilots discusses how to transition from towered operations to nontowered operations.

Answers for Pilots: Tax Time

Article | 2013, 03 01

AOPA's online publication, The Pilot's Guide to Taxes, has recently been reviewed by author, pilot, attorney, and CPA, Raymond Speciale for the 2012 tax year. Two sections have some updates--on the "hobby loss rule" and on aircraft depreciation--that may be helpful to you as you work with your tax professional to prepare your IRS documents.

Answers for Pilots: Alaska--Pilot Heaven

Article | 2013, 02 01

From the jagged, snowy peaks of the Chugach Mountains to the spectacular shoreline of Cook Inlet – from the gorgeous turquoise rivers of the Kenai Peninsula, teeming with fish, to the rugged Brooks Range Mountains in the Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska is breathtaking from the sky and on the ground. Flying is the perfect way to see the vast state. If you are thinking of making a summer trip north, now is a good time to start your planning.

Answers for Pilots: Vision

Article | 2013, 01 01

Like most aspects of our health, we take our vision for granted until something affects it. Pilots’ eyes, unfortunately, are not immune to the effects of aging. Cataracts and the ensuing surgery, and lens implants are often part of the golden years. And for all of us, even something as simple as getting new contact lenses could have an impact on airman medical certification if the lenses are tinted, bifocal, or multifocal. Find out how different vision issues impact your airman medical certification.