2014 Answers for Pilots

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Answers for Pilots: Holiday Flying

Article | 2014, 11 12

Holiday flying can involve more distractions than usual. Read tips for safe flying.

Answers for Pilots: Flying to the Islands

Article | 2014, 09 15

What's involved in flying a private aircraft to the Bahamas?

Answers for Pilots: Airman Medical Certification - What's Changed?

Article | 2014, 08 13

Find out what has changed in regard to airman medical certification.

Answers for Pilots: Choosing the Right Airplane to Buy

Article | 2014, 07 08

Help with buying the airplane that's right for you.

Answers for Pilots: Canada, our Northern Neighbor

Article | 2014, 06 11

Flying to Canada from the United States

Answers for Pilots: Aircraft Purchasing

Article | 2014, 05 16

AOPA has an assortment of helpful resources for those looking to purchase an aircraft, including the help of insurance experts in AOPA Insurance Services and help with financing through AOPA Financing Company, LLC.

Answers for Pilots: Gastrointestinal Conditions

Article | 2014, 04 14

The FAA allows certification for many common gastrointestinal diagnoses as long as your treating physician documents the condition as stable and controlled.

Answers for Pilots: Introducing AOPA's Guide to Starting a Flying Club

Article | 2014, 03 17

AOPA has a new guide to starting a flying club with an extensive section explaining the various types of aviation insurance a flying club might need, and specific information on AOPA's new flying club insurance available through AOPA Insurance Services.

Answers for Pilots

Article | 2014, 03 01

The Pilot's Guide to Taxes offers helpful information for aircraft owners who used their aircraft for business purposes in 2013.

Answers for Pilots

Article | 2014, 01 17

Getting there does take some preparation, as does flying within each of the countries, but with your homework done, you’ll find the trip was work the effort.

Answers for Pilots - Arthritis

Article | 2013, 12 02

There is good news regarding airman medical certification for those who have been diagnosed with arthritis.