Name Your Newsletter Contest Finalists

June 1, 2013

Thanks to everyone who participated in the “Name Your Newsletter Contest” through the AOPA AV8RS Facebook page. The entries were so creative it was hard for the AOPA judges to narrow it down to three finalists, but they did it! The three finalists, who each won $50 and an AOPA pilot’s bag, are:

  1. David Jessick, age 16 of Cary, NC—AV8R UPD8
  2. Faith Moore, age 15 of Olathe, KS—AV8R Fly-By
  3. Jonah Wessel, age 15 of Peninsula, OH—Av8, Navig8, and Communic8


David JessickVisitors to the AOPA AV8RS Facebook page were asked to vote for their favorite from the three winning entries and AV8R UPD8, submitted by David (pictured on the right), was the overwhelming favorite. We had a chance to talk to David after informing him that his entry was the overall winner.

AAU: How did you come up with the winning name for the AV8RS Name Your Newsletter Contest?
DJ: When I saw the contest on the Facebook page I just tried to think of something that went with the AV8RS name and AV8R UPD8S just popped up in my head.

AAU: How do you feel about your entry winning the overall popular vote?
DJ: I'm very excited that everyone liked my idea and was surprised that I won.

AAU: What are you going to do with the $50 prize?
DJ: I will most likely put it towards more flying time.

AAU: Why did you join AOPA AV8RS?
DJ: My flight instructor told me about it and I figured it would be a great program to join.

AAU: What do you like about AV8RS?
DJ: I like all of the great opportunities that you have being a member of the program.

AAU: Do you plan a career in aviation? If so, what area?
DJ: Yes, I would love to fly in the military, and then go on to become a Commercial Pilot or a Flight Instructor.

AAU: How are you involved in aviation presently?
DJ: I love to go to my local EAA chapter and just try to get out and fly as much as I can.

AAU: What are your other hobbies, interest?
DJ: One of my hobbies is flying RC planes. I’m a member of a great club where I live and every one there not only loves RC flying but aviation in general. I also shoot in trap competitions, and I enjoy doing anything outdoors like camping, hunting and fishing.