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About Matthew:

Are you interested in aviation as a career or hobby? If you are interested in aviation as a career, is it as a commercial pilot? If not, describe the career in the aviation/aerospace industry that interests you.
Career, commercial pilot

What was your first experience with aviation? What was it that got you “hooked”?
I flew to KJKA for my birthday and loved it           

How are you currently involved in aviation?
10.5 hours into my training and a Tower Controller on the VATSIM Network

Who was the person/key mentor who most influenced you and how?
The key person who influenced me was my flight instructor, he made it fun from the very first time

What keeps you motivated to do what you do?
Flight Simulator keeps me motivated because between lessons i can fly with my yoke and throttle quadrant

What was the most difficult or challenging? 
I'm not quite sure what was the most difficult part, probably overcoming the initial fear of stalls   I'm most proud of the fb page sharing my picture

What’s been the most rewarding? In other words, what are you most proud of so far?
I'm most proud of the fb page sharing my picture

Why did you join AOPA AV8RS?
I joined AV8RS because I thought it would be really cool to be involved something aviation related with other kids my age

What have you found helpful about your membership?
I love looking at the awesome pictures on the facebook page

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