Screensaver of the Month

Instructions for Download

Select the option that matches your screen resolution on the right.

When the image appears, right click on image and select "Set as Background".

Apple Macintosh Users:

  1. Click on your resolution for your display.
  2. A larger version of the image will display.
  3. Under the File menu, select "Save As".
  4. Choose the folder you wish to save the picture in.  We suggest the "Desktop Pictures" Folder (located in the Appearances folder section of your System folder. Be sure and select "Source" as the proper format at the bottom of the Dialog box).
  5. You can rename the file before you save it.
  6. After saving the picture, under the Apple menu, select "Control panels, Appearance." Select the "Desktop" tab.
  7. Activate the "Place Picture" button, (if you already have a photo displayed on your desktop, you'll need to "Remove Picture" first) and select the file you just saved from the "Choose A File" dialog box. Click on the "Choose" button.
  8. We suggest the "Center On Screen" or "Tile On Screen" choices for photo placement.
  9. Click on the "Set Desktop" button. Close the Appearance dialog box.
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