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February 2013

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Famous Pilots

Tucker: Still striving for perfection

As a boy, Sean D. Tucker dreamed of being Superman and flying through the sky. But since he had no super powers, he did the next best thing.

He became a private pilot.

Tucker, however, always worried he would stall the plane. To overcome that fear, he decided to take aerobatic lessons. Anyone who has seen him fly is glad he did.

Today, Tucker is one of the top aerobatic performers in the world. He has won numerous aerobatic competitions, as well as entertained more than 80 million fans in more than 1,000 performances at 425 air shows.

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Monthly Poll

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°  Air Traffic controller

°  Aerospace/aeronautical engineer

°  Avionics technician

°  Aircraft mechanic

°  Other

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Tails of Awesome

Teen plans around-the-world flight to promote aviation

Ever since Logan Gray can remember, he’s watched airplanes fly over his home. And for just as long, he’s wanted to pilot one of those planes.

So it should be no surprise that Logan, 16, already has 65-plus hours in the air. But what might be surprising is that Logan and his former flight instructor, Jacob Goering, 26, are planning an around-the-world flight that will make Logan the youngest circumnavigator of the Earth’s equator.

A sophomore at Southwestern High School in Jefferson County, Indiana, Logan said he started taking flying lessons right after sixth grade. Goering was his first flight instructor.

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Other Cool Stuff

NASA rocketry challenge: Students build, fly rockets with onboard payloads

There’s nothing like dreaming high, reaching for the stars... even blasting off. More than 50 student teams, from middle school through college, will do just that as they take part in NASA’s 2012-13 rocketry challenge.

The challenge has the teams, which represent schools in 26 states around the country, designing and building a large, high-powered rocket, complete with a working science or engineering payload and capable of flying to the target altitude of 1 mile. NASA created the challenge to encourage students to pursue careers in STEM, or science, technology, engineering or mathematics, fields.

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Artists use discarded military planes as canvas

Forget about staring at a blank canvas. More than 30 artists had something much bigger andmuch more imposing to stareat – discarded military aircraft left to die and rust in the desert of Arizona’s "bone yards."

Contemporary artists used World War II aircraft as their canvas in "The Bone Yard Project: Return Trip," which was displayed at the Pima Air & Space Museum in 2012. But the project goes back to 2010 when first conceived by Eric Firestone and organized by curator Carlo McCormick. "The Bone Yard Project: Nose Job," featuring nose cone art, made its debut in 2011.

In a video on the Bone Yard Projects website, McCormick said he was intrigued by the idea of taking random elements, rescued from the scrap heap, and having artists use them as very large canvases. .

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Do you have what it takes to design an airplane? Test your knowledge on aerodynamics, physics, and how to balance lift, drag, and engine fuel efficiency so that they all work together with this cool game from the GE Show.

Can you keep a mental list? Bet you can’t keep track of more than three objects at once. Test your ability with this "mind" game from the Exploratorium’s MIND Project

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Contributing Writer: Barbara A. Schmitz