Nflightcam makes it possible to share your solo flight with the world

December 1, 2012

nflightcamYou need more than a T-shirt with the back cut off to show the world that you completed your solo flight. At least that’s the premise behind NFlightcam.

The company customizes high-definition Contour video cameras for aviation use, and it launched a program that allows student pilots to record their initial solo flights free on Nflightcam.

It’s easy to do. If you are nearing your first solo flight and would like to capture it in HD video, register for the program at NFlightcam’s Solo Hall of Fame page. An Nfligthcam+ and suction cup mount will be shipped to you to use the day of your solo, along with detailed instructions. After your flight, return the camera and accessories back to NFlightcam in the included UPS shipping label.

Then, seven business days later, you’ll receive a link to a professionally edited video that you can share with the world via email, Facebook or YouTube. The only cost is the $40 round-trip shipping fee.

NFlightcam also posts the edited solo videos on its Solo Hall of Fame Web page.

“The solo flight is such a momentous milestone in any pilot’s life that they should be able to share it with more than a shirt tail,” said Patrick Carter, NFlightcam’s founder and a general aviation pilot with more than 6,000 flying hours. “We want to capture the entire experience in full HD video so pilots can share it with the world.”