Join AOPA on the PATH to Aviation!

AOPA has created an exciting and highly educational book especially for pilots and secondary school teachers. It's called PATH — Pilots and Teachers Handbook — and it effectively connects math, science, physics, history, and technology to the basics of general aviation.

PILOTS of every age and experience level are encouraged to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of flying with students. Through tips and basic resource ideas, AOPA's PATH to Aviation walks pilots through the planning and preparation needed to arrange a successful classroom visit or a field trip to a local airport and serves as expert resource for teachers and students.

TEACHERS can take advantage of the wealth of information provided by AOPA's PATH to Aviation to bring these basic topics straight into the classroom. Eleven easy-to-follow modules highlight common questions people often ask about general aviation and tie activities to secondary school topics. Teacher and student worksheets are provided.

Whether you are a secondary school teacher or a pilot — or both — download your copy today.

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Student information on learning to fly

AOPA’s Commitment to Aviation Education

AOPA takes pride in its effort to teach young people about aviation. We encourage everyone to discover the joys of aviation with students of all ages. There are vast career opportunities related to flying, and by studying aviation, young people can learn to connect classroom lessons with real-life applications. Our resources are available at no cost to educators and AOPA members, because we know that aviation is a valuable teaching tool that can help motivate students to excel. Aviation education programs also help to promote the positive contributions general aviation has and continues to make to America thrive.

Downloadable Materials

Each month, AOPA provides materials to reach thousands of children nationwide. We will work with individuals as needed to determine the best collection of materials for each request.

Questions? Comments? Need help deciding which materials you need? Click here to send us a message!

PATH to Aviation - Pilot and Teacher Handbook

Used as an aid when teaching middle and high school students, this comprehensive guide contains modules that effectively connect aviation to everyday classroom topics.

This is a teacher's guide only - not intended for distribution to students.

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take 'em flying


Take 'em Flying

Answers the questions of who to take on orientation flights and where to find them, and provides steps for the successful completion of the flights.

Includes a list of resources available from AOPA.

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First Flight Certificate

First Flight Certificate

Professionally printed and suitable for framing.

Intended for presentation to students and adults who have taken their first ride in a General Aviation aircraft piloted by an AOPA member.

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Aviation Careers

Careers in Aviation

Grade 6 to Adults

Includes a list of nearly 70 careers and jobs in the aviation industry, education requirements, and employers.

May be photocopied without permission

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Airplanes! Fun facts for elementary schoolers


Grades 3 and up

Includes diagrams and definitions of aircraft parts and explanations of flight characteristics, games.

May be photocopied without permission.

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Connect the Dots Aircraft Puzzles

Connect the Dots: Historic Aircraft

Pre K to Grade 4 students

Includes dot-to-dot puzzles from the Wright flyer to the Space Shuttle with text about each. Aircraft may be colored once completed.

May be photocopied without permission

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