Weather links

Public Weather

This following group of weather sites is designed to inform the general public of recent and upcoming weather events. They present current conditions and weekly forecasts in a format very similar to that of a local television news station. Pilots will use these sources to gain a general or "big picture" understanding of the conditions and expected conditions along his or her intended route of flight.

Aviation Weather

The second group of sites is specifically designed with the pilot and aviation professional in mind. These sites provide timely reports of the conditions and expected conditions within a specific area. Along with standard reports and forecasts, users also have access to information pertinent to safe flight such as winds and temperatures aloft, in-flight pilot reports, icing and turbulence reports, as well as a myriad of other data. Most of the reports published are in a simple shorthand code that pilots learn to read during their initial training. Pilots use these sources as a supplement to an official weather briefing they will obtain prior to any flight.