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Welcome to AOPA's Career Pilot resources

Welcome to AOPA’s Career Pilot pages. The information on these pages will help you to plot the best course to a successful career as a professional pilot.

Career Development

The key to being as prepared as possible for a professional piloting career is staying informed, both about the industry in general and about potential employers in particular. Learn more

Professional Training

Some of the most important training for professional pilots involves flying as part of a multi-person crew. Mastering the concept and practices of crew resource management is a requirement for your career. Learn more

AOPA Flight Training Magazine Online

The #1 magazine for student pilots and flight instructors has assembled a wide variety of resources to speed your understanding of flight and your flight-training experience, and move you closer to your goal of becoming a professional pilot.
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Career Success Stories

Learning about the success of others who recently attained the same objective can be inspirational and a source of motivation—and their experiences may help you decide how to pursue the career you want. Learn more

Industry News

How is the industry—and individual airlines—doing financially? What new regulations that could affect your career lurk just over the horizon? There are many reasons why you should stay informed about developments in your chosen field.
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Turbine Aircraft Technology 

The jet and turboprop aircraft flown by most professional pilots employ systems that are much more sophisticated than those of piston-engine training aircraft. Knowledge of these system basics will help you launch your career.

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Q&A: The Career Advisor

Question: I am currently in my junior year in high school, and am looking to become a pilot. What is the best road to take? Should I go to a local flight school or a well-known school? How do I get to a flying career and what are the best options?

Answer: That is a very tall order. You might begin by checking with your school’s career counselor and research online to get a grip on flying careers. Read more