Online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)


Air Safety Institute's eFIRC renews more CFI's than any other and has benefits no other online FIRC can match!

  • Only $124
  • ASI courses count as credit toward your certificate
  • Open for two years so you have a longer window to complete
  • Contains videos from top notch aviation experts
  • The only course that gives back to safety
  • Tablet friendly
  • Online certification, no notary or mailing paperwork
  • It’s quick, easy and fun, learn at your own pace
  • You choose your electives based on your style of flying
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eFIRC Overview Video

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Aviation Professionals Endorsing eFIRC

Rod Machado

ASI's Online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (eFIRC) is endorsed by Rod Machado"The Air Safety Institute's online flight instructor renewal program is one of the most enjoyable and educational online programs I've ever taken. Your generous use of colorful graphics, relevant pictures and videos, and commentary by industry flight training experts makes this course highly practical, educational and entertaining. I would sincerely recommend ASI's online course to anyone looking to renew their flight instructor certificate." -Rod Machado

Michael Goulian

Michael Goulian Headshot"I completed the new AOPA eFIRC this past winter and found it to be not only informative but very enjoyable. If you're interested in increasing your knowledge in a fun and interactive way, then this course is for you". -Michael Goulian

eFIRC User Reviews

Capt. R. Ennis

"Over the course of nearly 30 years, I’ve used different methods to renew my CFI certificate. For my most recent renewal, I decided to use the AOPA eFIRC system. The decision was made because of the known high quality of AOPA training. Additionally, the price was very reasonable, especially when offered the chance to complete the entire process online. I found the training to be exemplary. Completed on my on pace, I was able to focus on the areas that needed more emphasis. I wholeheartedly recommend this course for CFI renewal."

C. Africa

"eFIRC has been a very user friendly and affordable option for a Flight Instructor Renewal Course. AOPA's eFIRC is rich in useful information. In addition it has practical and real world applicable quiz questions and scenarios. Kristine Hartzell was also very through in covering any answers to questions I had and quick to respond. She made my whole learning experience that much better. I would use them again and would recommend them to any Instructor currently flying or not."

G. Dayhoff

"It is the best program out there hands down. Especially for us working folks!

I really enjoyed the course. It was full of new information and a lot easier to navigate the old renewal process. Great job!!!!!"

E. Hasch

"The eFIRC was very well presented and easy to navigate. I found the content brought me up-to-date and challenged my course plan review and knowledge retention for each course exam. I had the fortune of attending the first in person FIRC at TEB as a new CFI. I quickly found out, it's a journey of learning.......... you don't get to the end......."

Capt. C. Rangel

"First of all I'd like to thank you for your support. And also a I wrote to aopa to congratulate the new format of test. As an airline pilot I found my experience more fulfilling, and the quotes,videos and references became something I applied in my cockpit and commented with my first officers. And I thank you and your team for that."

R. Fernandez

"I've been a Gold Seal CFI CFII MEI ATP since 1985.  I'm an ex-airline pilot flown heavy jets around the world.  Today, I fly executive jets and continue to renew my CFI Certificate through Air Safety Institute, AOPA, and eFIRC, because I believe that eFIRC is the best renewal course out there."

J. Fischetti

"I found the experience with the new system very enjoyable. I found using my iPad very convenient. The courses were informative and kept my interest."

T. Schryer

"Very good presentation of the material with excellent videos and examples as well as professional quality presentations and presenters."

Additional eFIRC Information

Application for Renewal

If you want to maintain your current CFI renewal cycle (expiration month):

  • Do not complete more than 8 lessons until you are less than one year from expiration.
  • Do not complete the program until you are inside your renewal window – within the three months preceeding the month of expiration as per FAR 61.197.

Of course you are free to complete the course whenever you’d like so long as it is before your current CFI certificate expires. Bu understand that if you complete outside of the parameters stated above, you will reset your renewal cycle for the month of course completion.

You must complete the “Submit Application for CFI Renewal” section in order to process the course completion for renewal.

Customer Support

  • Login questions or any other eFIRC questions:
    Contact AOPA’s helpline at 1-800-USA-AOPA (1-800-872-2672), then press option 2, available 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time, Monday - Friday,
    or email
  • You may also view answers to some of our most frequently asked questions here.