ASI - In-Person Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic

In-Person Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic

Renew your CFI certificate at a city near you!

  • Learn the latest in today’s airspace, weather, regulations, and much more.
  • Enjoyable in-person classroom instruction and interaction with other CFIs.
  • ASI processes your 8710 paperwork at no extra charge.
  • Exclusive ASI Flash Drive! Includes:
    • FAR/AIM
    • FAA Handbooks
    • Endorsement Guide
    • PTSs
    • and much more!


Select a location near you in your 4 month renewal period. Register online, or call toll free 800/638-3101 anytime from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. For questions or information contact ASI.

FIRC course information

  • Security-related special use airspace
  • TSA: What flight instructors have to know to stay out of trouble
  • How to teach effectively and build a culture of safety in your students and your workplace
  • Regulatory, policy, and publications changes and updates
  • Ethics and professionalism in the role of the flight instructor
  • And more...

Nobody has more up-to-date information than AOPA and the Air Safety Institute on TFRs, regulations, and pilot techniques. Your tuition helps us improve the courses and supports GA safety for all pilots. Support your Air Safety Institute and get the best training available!

The Air Safety Institute coordinates your paperwork with the FAA

FAA paperwork

We’ll carefully walk you through the application and alert you to known “trouble spots” where errors are most likely to be made. We’ll also check your application for accuracy before we submit it to the FAA. Unlike other FIRC providers, the Air Safety Institute will process your paperwork and submit it to the FAA—all at no additional cost.

Share experiences with other CFIs

benefit from the expertise of the best instructors in the business, but gain valuable insight from your fellow CFIs, who also bring a wealth of experience to the course. This is an outstanding opportunity to trade information and interact with other professionals from your area and across the country. During breaks and seminar exercises you’ll have the opportunity to share best practices and piloting techniques.

Renew up to 4 months early

Renew anytime during your 4-month renewal period and maintain your original expiration date—we guarantee it. Don’t wait until your expiration month. Weather, illness, travel problems or some other factor may prevent you from attending a FIRC during the month your certificate expires. Remember, FAA allows no exceptions on CFI expirations! That’s why renewing early in the four month window is your best option.