Technical Questions


I’m unable to log into the eFIRC.
I’m unable to access the first chapter of the three elective courses available within the eFIRC.
I'm receiving an error message "Too Many Redirects"
The quiz seems to appear unformatted.
I’m seeing blank white screens when navigating through the course.


Chapters are not completing on my iPad.


Chapters are not completing in my browser.
Videos are not playing in my browser.
Lessons aren't opening in my browser.

Renewal Questions

I need to renew my flight instructor certificate within the next few months. What are my options?
FAR 61.197 allows you to submit an application for renewal within four-months of your certificate's expiration date and still retain your original expiration month. How do you determine that renewal window? Does the 4 month period start the day of your FIRC graduation?
What happens if I take a FIRC program more than four months in advance of my expiration date?
What advantage is it to allow ASI to handle the paperwork to revalidate my CFI? Can't I just drop in at the local FSDO, show them my ASI FIRC graduation certificate, and let them take care of it?
What if my flight instructor certificokay, juate has expired? Can I still renew on the basis of graduating from a FIRC?
What are my options for renewal if my instructor certificate has expired?
I hold a flight instructor certificate with airplane and helicopter ratings. Will taking a FIRC renew both ratings, or must I attend one program for my airplane rating and another for my helicopter rating?
I was able to renew my certificate two years ago by taking it to the local FSDO and having it reissued based on the inspector's personal knowledge of me. I don't see that option listed under FAR 61.197. What happened?
I recently added an instrument rating to my flight instructor certificate. I received my original certificate 12 months ago. Do I need to renew my original flight instructor certificate in another 12 months (24 months from the original issuance), or does the rating I just added to my instructor rating extend the renewal period?
My medical certificate expired last month, and I have not had time to get a new one. Do I need a current medical certificate to renew my flight instructor certificate at your program?
I just discovered that my flight instructor certificate is missing. Will this prevent me from renewing, or can I renew without my instructor certificate?
Which renewal method should I choose?
What is ASI's four month guarantee?

Paperwork Processing Questions

How long will processing my application take?
It’s been a several days since I submitted my information and I haven’t received an email to submit my digital signature to the FAA. Why not?
How long will it take for the FAA to process my application?
How do I check on the status of my application with the FAA after it’s been submitted?
What do I do if I’m having problems with IACRA?
Can I submit a paper 8710 if I don’t want to complete the online processing?
What if it’s getting close to my temporary certificate expiration date and I still haven’t received my certificate from the FAA?
Do I need to turn in my instructor certificate? 
When filling out the 8710 or IACRA application form for my renewal, do I need to complete section III, Record of Pilot Time, when submitting an application for renewal?
I just discovered that my flight instructor certificate is missing. Will this prevent me from renewing, or can I renew without my instructor certificate?

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