Flight Instructor Refresher Course - Testimonials

Flight Instructor Refresher Course Testimonials

In-person FIRC testimonials

  • "I've held a continuous CFI for 32 years. 5700 hours dual given in airplanes. I feel it was well planned, expertly taught in an interesting way and well worth the money". S. Batten
  • "Entertaining, interesting, informative, quick and easy renewal method". Anonymous
  • "An excellent review of recent changes and new procedures and policies". R. Thomas
  • "Great—Covered items I was not aware of". R. Moreus
  • "This level of excellence is why I continue coming back to live ASF FIRCs". J. Creeden
  • "Well presented, relaxed atmosphere, timely subjects, plenty of discussion, course moved right along. I have always appreciated ASF making sure my 8710 makes it through the channels". Anonymous
  • "Instructor and visual aids were excellent. Appreciated the TSA Security Awareness training section in order to comply with the compliance requirement". L. Krebs
  • "One of the most informative 'real world', up to date sessions/information I could have hoped for". M. White
  • "I was pleased the course exceeded my expectations! The material presented was very informative". J. Wofford
  • "Good way to get the current information and recent changes". D. Okerstrom
  • "The program is still the best. Keep up the good work". Anonymous
  • "Valuable experience. Makes me renew my obligations to aviation safety and the critical roll of the flight instructor". B. Debour
  • "AOPA ASF instructors were excellent. Their ability to make topics very enjoyable was greatly aided by their teaching abilities coupled with their obvious joy of flying". A. Mathews
  • "Insightful, made me think about some of the topics from other viewpoints". Anonymous
  • "Probably the best I have ever attended and I have attended many. Great job!" R. Priebe