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Volume 2 Issue 7 July 2014

News from Headquarters

Flying Clubs: Affordable and appealing to unique groups of pilots

Brenda Tibbs, AOPA Flying Club Specialist recently spoke to the Deaf Pilots Association, sharing with them the benefits of organizing into a flying club. The group had many questions about starting a club, and with the assistance of a representative from AOPA Insurance Services, Brenda provided many answers. She had some enthusiastic support from a visiting French flying club, and learned much about the value of club flying in Europe.

Question of the month

What should we do with this form?

Douglas Fortnam of the New Hampshire Flying Association received a survey from the FAA and asked on the AOPA Flying Club Network Facebook Page, “Anybody know what this is about and what it has to do with safety?”

It generated many responses from, 'it is basic information' to 'ignore it'. To find out what the general consensus was, read more.

Birds of a feather flock together. Flying club insurance, simplified.

If you're sharing aircraft ownership or access with a group, AOPA Insurance Services offers comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. AOPA Flying Club Insurance can accommodate clubs from three to a virtually unlimited number of pilots per plane. Call 800-622-2672 to create a policy that fits your club's needs.


Monthly Poll

EAA’s AirVenture is just around the corner. Are your members flying a club plane to Oshkosh? (AOPA has plenty of Flying Club seminars and activities for those who come)

Last month we asked if your club has paid staff. Ten percent of respondents are in clubs that do have paid staff, while 90 percent of respondents are in clubs without paid staff.

Flying Club Spotlight  

One Club, Two States: Octopus Flying Club Expands its Reach from Maryland to Florida

Have you ever been on vacation and wish you had access to an airplane to explore the local sights? The members of The Octopus Club based at Montgomery County Airpark (KGAI) in Gaithersburg, MD now have that opportunity. Last month, the club moved one of its four planes to North Perry Airport (KHWO) in Hollywood, FL to begin operations and recruiting members in South Florida. Members in either location will have access to the aircraft in either location. Treasurer and Chief Maintenance Officer George Cois shares how the idea took off.


Love to fly VFR? Then Mobile FliteDeck VFR is for you.

The thoughtfully designed tablet interface was created by pilots for pilots. So it's easy to plan your route and do what you love—go flying! And a full US coverage is only $49. See for yourself—download a free trial.

Aircraft Spotlight
The Socata Tobago: Perfectly Placed Between an Archer and an Arrow

When most pilots hear the name Socata, images of the cabin class TBM turbo-prop come to mind. But Socata also produced the Trinidad and Tobago, low-wing piston aircraft similar to the Piper Cherokee. The fixed gear TB-200 Tobago XL GT features a spacious cabin with large windows and performance that falls in between an Archer an Arrow. Octopus Flying Club based in Maryland and Florida just acquired a 2003 TB200, the second Socata it has owned. This month Club Treasurer and Chief Maintenance Officer George Cois shares Octopus’s experience operating the Tobago.

In the News
Penn Yann Grows from Small Flying Club to Key Community Employer over 70 years
Chronicle-Express, July 7, 2014
New Flying Club Begins Operations in Philippines with Ultralights
SunStar (Philippines), June 13, 2014
MassChallenge Names Airpooler, a Flying Club Ridesharing Company, A Top Startup
Boston Globe’s BetaBoston, June 30, 2014
Long-time Manitoba Flying Club Reorganizes and Rebuilds after Leadership Change
Brandon Sun, June 21, 2014 [subscription required]
Canadian Club’s Annual Breakfast Fly-In a Tradition Since 1964
Smith Falls Record News, June 13, 2014

Club Insurance, simplified
Supporting flying clubs is an important part of AOPA's mission to keep aviation accessible and affordable for more pilots. Working closely with AOPA’s experts in the Pilot Information Center, AOPA Insurance Services has created an insurance plan that makes it easy to manage your club’s insurance needs no matter how many aircraft or members are involved.

How Safe is Flight Training?

In June, the Air Safety Institute published Accidents During Flight Instruction: A Review, which updates and extends the initial analysis of instructional accidents put out a decade earlier. Whether your club offers primary or advanced training, it’s worth taking a look at this report during your next safety meeting to get a statistical understanding of accidents. The numbers might surprise you. David Jack Kelly breaks down some of the numbers and offers some insight in this article that first appeared on AOPA’s Flight School Business News web page.

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