Flying Club Connector Newsletter: June 2013

Keeping it Local: AOPA's Regional Managers

AOPA's Great Lakes Regional Manager Bryan Budds can't do his job without the MANG Aero Club, based at Willow Run Airport (KYIP) in Ypsilanti, Michigan. That’s because he needs to travel throughout his region attending aviation events like conferences, safety seminars and fly-ins,
and he does so using the club’s Piper
Archer or Cessna 172. This month Bryan explains how the seven regional managers can help your club.

Question of the month
What’s the difference between a 501(c)(3) and a 501(c)(7) tax-exempt flying club?

Chris Lawler, AOPA’s Flying Club Manager explains what makes a 501(c)(3) a tax-exempt charitable organization, what makes a 501(c)(7) a social organization, and what advantages a flying club may receive by organizing as a tax-exempt organization.

Monthly Poll

Does your club have tax-exempt status?


In May we asked if there was an incident involving your club aircraft who would be responsible for paying the insurance deductible. The overwhelming majority, 62 percent of respondents, said the member or pilot in command would pay the deductible. 20 percent of clubs use a combination with both the club and the member paying a portion of the deductible, while 18 percent of respondents said the club would cover the entire deductible.


Club Spotlight
Quicker and Cheaper: Training with a Simulator

The Bakersfield Flying Club, based at Meadows
Field (KBFL) in Bakersfield, California, just added
a Redbird Simulator to bolster its training efforts. Club President William Woodbury describes what
it’s like to use the simulator and how it’s helping create new pilots and build the club’s membership base.


Freedom Flight: Flying the Hudson River Corridor

What better way to celebrate Memorial Day and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to provide the freedoms we enjoy in the United States, including the freedom to fly, than a flight down the Hudson River past the new Freedom Tower being built at Ground Zero? Learn how the East Hill Flying Club used this popular sight seeing flight into an SFRA as a teaching tool to
build the skills of its newer pilots.

Flying Club Scholarship

AOPA’s Flying Club Initiative continues to support the expanding network of flying clubs in the United States by contributing to a Flying Club Scholarship competition sponsored by Ground Effect Advisors. AOPA also is developing a host of tools that flying clubs will soon have to help boost membership and efficiency.

Ground Effect Advisors awarded Zachary (Zach) Piech, of Wilmington, North Carolina, and his prospective flying club, Cape Fear Flyers, $3,500 in products, services and support. The Flying Club Initiative, which is part of AOPA’s Center to Advance the Pilot Community (CAPCOM), played a key role in the scholarship competition, which received applications from 126 flying clubs.

Upcoming Webinar

Flying Club Insurance
Insurance has been identified as a major area of interest for flying clubs. Join Kathy McNeil, AOPA insurance account manager, for a discussion of the top 10 factors that influence flying club insurance. This free webinar will be suitable for both established clubs and those thinking of starting a new club. It will include tips on how to build a better relationship with your underwriter, which can lead to better coverage and premiums. The free webinar will be June 26 at 8:00 PM E.S.T.

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Tips from the May Webinar

In case you missed the May Webinar, Attracting Young People into Aviation, you can listen to it by clicking here.. Here are some of the tips Glen Marsh, founder of the Candler Field Flying Club of Williamson, Georgia, shared on what it is doing to attract a new generation of pilots:
  • Family memberships
  • Youth friendly rates/free membership for 13 – 18 year olds
  • Outreach to local schools and colleges
  • Young eagle flights
  • Scholarships
  • Build or restore an airplane
  • Run an aviation camp
  • Boy Scout merit badges
  • Aviation Explorer post
  • Youth Aviation Adventure
  • Online community

In the News
Dynon employees launch flying club with homebuilt Glasair

Seven Dynon Avionics employees formed the Swamp Creek Flying Club and built a Glasair Sportsman using the Two Weeks To Taxi Program. The club has flown more than 80 hours in the first six weeks after completion and once flight testing is complete will start checking members out in the new airplane.

New Jersey Flying Club to host a forum at Oshkosh

The 150th Aero Flying Club based at Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU) in New Jersey was formed in 1960 and continues to thrive as a non-profit flying club. Ed Gilroy, the club’s maintenance officer, will be presenting a forum at Oshkosh titled "Making a Flying Club Work". This is a great example of the flying club community that AOPA is promoting. This type of dedication to helping other individuals make their clubs successful is an important step in building a national network of flying clubs, and is a great opportunity to learn from a successful club. If you are going to be at Oshkosh, please join Ed on Wednesday in Forum Pavilion 3 at 10:00 AM.

Embry-Riddle Light Sport Research Project

A group of Embry-Riddle students are doing a study on the VANS RV-12 and the market it is competing in. The survey consists of eight questions that are designed to get feedback from light sport aircraft enthusiasts as well as anyone in the aviation community. The students will then take these results and provide them in a report that will be discussed in an Oshkosh forum later this year by Synergy Air. The survey link is below and thank you for your time in taking this survey.

Click here to take the survey

Words of Wisdom

AOPA’s flying club team is producing a starter kit to guide individuals through the process of starting a flying club. We are looking for “Words of Wisdom” from the Network community to include in the document. Send your thoughts to [email protected].

Colorado Club Offers Sport Pilot Certificate Training
Aspen Flying Club press release, May 15, 2013

Flying Club Scholarship Winner Announced
Flying Magazine online, May 31, 2013
Cape Fear Flyers Wins Flying Club Scholarship
General Aviation News, May 31, 2013
New Club Getting Started in Medford, Oregon
Mail Tribune, May 26, 2013
Storm Week: Tools To Understand and Avoid Thunderstorms

A single thunderstorm can contain almost every weather related hazard to pilots–high winds, limited visibility, hail, microbursts, and icing just to name
a few. The Air Safety Institute just completed Storm Week, its weeklong education campaign to raise awareness of thunderstorms. Now is the
perfect time to hold a club safety seminar and utilize the many ASI tools to help understand how ATC and weather briefers can steer you clear of the storms or help pilots make the decision to stay on the ground.

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