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Volume 2 Issue 6 June 2014

News from Headquarters

AOPA Indy Fly-in Features Discussions about 3rd Class Medicals, How to Start a Club

Pilots from all over the Midwest flew to AOPA’s second regional Fly-In on May 26 in Indianapolis, Indiana, which featured a number of seminars. Of particular interest was the discussion about the 3rd Class Medical and how any changes may affect what aircraft a club might choose. AOPA Flying Club Specialist Brenda Tibbs shares some highlights of the presentations in this month’s News From HQ.

Question of the month

Does your club offer reduced dues for A&P's who work on the club aircraft?

Brendan Keegan of the Baylor Flying Association asked on the AOPA Flying Club Network Facebook Page, “When looking into a club that has at least one A&P and at least one IA within the membership, do these individuals regularly volunteer their time for annuals and 100 hours? Do they get a reduction in dues? What is the general consensus?” It’s a good question, but it only generated a couple of responses. What do you think? Post your reply on the Facebook Group and we'll share what we learn in July.

Birds of a feather flock together. Flying club insurance, simplified.

If you're sharing aircraft ownership or access with a group, AOPA Insurance Services offers comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. AOPA Flying Club Insurance can accommodate clubs from three to a virtually unlimited number of pilots per plane. Call 800-622-2672 to create a policy that fits your club's needs.

Flight Training Poll
Take the 2014 Flight Training Poll

The 2014 Flight Training Poll is now open at This is your opportunity to share first-hand flight training experiences with AOPA. The information is collected and the results are shared with the flight training industry in order to see our strengths and adopt best practices, but also to identify areas where improvements can be made.

The online survey consists of 32 questions for flight schools and 26 questions for flight instructors, designed to measure overall performance of a flight school or flight instructor through the eyes of their customers. The poll is based on AOPA’s extensive research into the optimal flight training experience and focuses on educational quality, customer focus, community, and information sharing. The poll closes on August 23 at midnight eastern time.


Monthly Poll

Does your club have paid staff?

Last month we asked how many aircraft your club operates. Below is the percent of the respondents offering the following training:

One 26%
2 - 3 36%
4 - 9 32%
10 or More 6%
Flying Club Spotlight  

College Students Start Flying Club in North Dakota

Nick Coyle is a 20-year-old senior majoring in Commercial Aviation at the University of North Dakota. The school operates dozens of aircraft for training its students, but Nick wanted an inexpensive way to fly on his own. He and a fellow senior decided to start a flying club that college students could afford and this April it literally took off. The Green and White Flight club acquired its first aircraft—a 1978 Cessna 172—and has 15 members paying dues of $65 a month and $39 an hour dry to fly the plane. Learn more about how Nick got the club started and off the ground.


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The thoughtfully designed tablet interface was created by pilots for pilots. So it's easy to plan your route and do what you love—go flying! And a full US coverage is only $49. See for yourself—download a free trial.

Aircraft Spotlight
The Cirrus SR22: Speed, Comfort, and Technology … for a Price

It’s fast, it’s roomy, it has the latest technology and it looks great, not too mention it has an aircraft parachute. The Cirrus SR22 is what modern GA aircraft look like in the 21st Century. It’s also expensive and has some unique flight and maintenance characteristics. Leading Edge Flyers President Marc Epner and Cirrus owner Mike Barbarone share their experience operating the SR22 in a club environment.


Upcoming Webinar

Unravelling the Mystery of Flying Club Paperwork
As we talk with flying club enthusiasts around the country, the one question we hear repeatedly is, "Can we get some guidance on filling out the paperwork required to set up a club?" This webinar has been organized to answer that question. Ray Speciale, AOPA Counsel and CPA, and also a pilot, himself, will discuss organizational forms such as the 501(c)3, as well as others. You will have the opportunity to ask questions via text. We look forward to your participation.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
8:00 PM EDT

Click Here to Register
In the News

Do flying clubs make flight training more affordable?
By Benét Wilson

Students across the country are turning to flying clubs as a less expensive option for flight training. There are many reasons, but one of the benefits is the instructors. Many students found the continuity and quality of instructors helped them earn their license quickly, which in turn reduced the cost of achieving a private pilot’s certificate.

Australian Club Unveils New Clubhouse
The Northern Star, June 10, 2014
British Club Hosts Landing Contest to Honor Pilot
Brentwood Gazette, June 6, 2014
Indian Flying Club Fights for its Existence
The New Indian Express, May 19, 2014

Club Insurance, simplified
Supporting flying clubs is an important part of AOPA's mission to keep aviation accessible and affordable for more pilots. Working closely with AOPA’s experts in the Pilot Information Center, AOPA Insurance Services has created an insurance plan that makes it easy to manage your club’s insurance needs no matter how many aircraft or members are involved.

Storm Week

Although Thunderstorms are not the cause of many accidents, about 75 percent are fatal. Despite advances in technology bringing weather information into the cockpit, the number of thunderstorm-related accidents and fatalities remains constant. Each year the Air Safety Institute dedicates one week as “Storm Week.” This year it was June 8-14 but if you missed it, don’t worry. All the great information is archived on one easy-to-navigate web page. At your next safety meeting, take some time to review the ASI accident database to learn more about the hazards of convective weather.

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