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March 2013

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Pilots often talk about the "Good Old Days" of flying as a thing of yesteryear. But in Ithaca, New York, the East Hill Flying Club is proving there is no time like the present, as Adam Smith found out on a visit there in December.


Question of the Month

Can I purchase an experimental aircraft and operate it in a flying club environment?

The simple answer is Yes... and No. It all depends on who owns the experimental aircraft being used by the club. Chris Lawler, AOPA's Flying Club Network Manager, explains the FARs and how they may apply to your club's use of an experimental aircraft..


Monthly Poll

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Last month we asked if your club bases its hourly rates on Hobbs time or Tach time. The results were split right down the middle with 52 percent of clubs favoring Hobbs time over Tach.

Club Spotlight

“Overcoming the avgas price yoyo.” Photos courtesy of Gerry Slabaugh

Buying Fuel By the Truckload

This month's spotlight focuses on the T-Craft Aero Club and how it keeps costs low by buying its fuel buy the truckload, providing stable hourly rates, as well as more competitive prices. It also has taken an unconventional approach to marketing.



Two scouts from Doylestown Troop 6 are ready to go in the back of the club's 182.

Flying Club Provides Cub Scouts With Their First Flight Experience

The Warrington Flying Club based at Doylestown Airport (KDYL) in Pennsylvania treated local Cub Scouts to a discovery flight giving many of the boys their first flying experience. The idea came from one of the club members who also is a scoutmaster. The successful event is sure to lead to more partnerships between the flying club and the Boy Scouts.



From the pages of AOPA Pilot Magazine

Buying Into the Dream

buying into dreamThe January 2013 issue of AOPA Pilot features a story about the Michigan Flyers experience operating a Cessna 162 Skycatcher, the first LSA in the club's fleet. It has been successful in attracting new members to the club that were interested in earning a Sport Pilot Certificate. Members find it fun to fly, however there are a few things to be aware of. For instance, taking more care in calculating weight and balance, watching for the pitot tube, which is at eye level and easily blends into the color of hangars and ramps, and finding the right price point for hourly rental.


To watch the companion video, click here.

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Each month we will share a roundup of stories about flying clubs, whether they are published in aviation media or local papers, and you can help. If your club has received some media coverage-newspaper, TV, radio, or online-let us know so we can share your accomplishments and activities with the flying club community. Send stories to [email protected].

In the News

A Flying Club is Born


By Benet Wilson

David Miller, a retired Air Force officer and Iraq war veteran, wanted to get back into flying and the social aspect of general aviation. So he decided to start a flying club based at Florida's Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, home of Sun 'n Fun. He's well on his way. Read what he did to find potential members and build partnerships to get off the ground.


Blogger Praises Flying Club Scholarship Effort
JetWhine blog, Feb. 25, 2013

California Club's Cessna 152 Damaged By Battery Fire
Contra Costa Times, Feb. 9, 2013

Reading Aero Club Member Building Mustang II in Basement
Reading Eagle, Feb. 18, 2013



Top tips from the February webinar

Top Tips from the February Webinar

In case you missed the February Webinar about selecting flying club aircraft, you can listen to it by clicking here. There were many tips applicable to any club, no matter how long its been around. Here are the top tips that Marc Epner, President of the Leading Edge Flying Club shared:

  1. Ask your members by survey how many hours they expect to fly, cut the figure in half and you'll have a pretty accurate estimate of the actual hours.
  2. A one-time club event can give members an opportunity to fly exotic aircraft like a taildragger or an aerobatic plane.
  3. The club's attitude/image is its best marketing.
  4. Flying with a friend is a simple way to split the hourly costs and build community.
  5. If a club member wants to fly somewhere for the weekend, have another pilot ferry the plane so it can still be used all weekend by other members.



Aging and the General Aviation Pilot—Research and Recommendations

We all know the pilot population is getting older. How much does aging impact pilot performance? Does it affect certain skills more than others? And what's the bottom-line impact on safety? These are great questions for a flying club safety seminar. The Air Safety Institute's new report, Aging and the General Aviation Pilot: Research and Recommendations can help guide the discussion.


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