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Volume 2 Issue 5 May 2014

News from Headquarters

Club enthusiasts bring their spirit to AOPA’s Regional Fly-In

AOPA’s first regional Fly-In was held on April 26 in San Marcos, Texas. The event brought out pilots and aviation enthusiasts of all kinds, including many flying club members or people who are interested in starting a club. AOPA Flying Club Specialist Brenda Tibbs shares the experience and provides tips for getting started in this month’s News From HQ and invites members out to the upcoming Fly-Ins in your region.

Question of the month

Choosing a headset—Light Speed Zulu 2 or Bose A20?

Choosing the right equipment is always important for any flying club or pilot. Jordan Fort from Columbia, MO just got his first flying job after college and needs a new headset. He asked on the AOPA Flying Club Network Facebook Page, did members prefer the Light Speed Zulu 2 or Bose A20? Besides fans of both headsets, several members provided tips on how to pick a headset.

Birds of a feather flock together. Flying club insurance, simplified.

If you're sharing aircraft ownership or access with a group, AOPA Insurance Services offers comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. AOPA Flying Club Insurance can accommodate clubs from three to a virtually unlimited number of pilots per plane. Call 800-622-2672 to create a policy that fits your club's needs.


Monthly Poll

How many aircraft does your club operate?

Last month we asked what type of flight training your club offers. Below is the percent of the respondents offering the following training:

Primary 82%
Commercial 25%
IFR 18%
Multi-Engine 2%
Tail Wheel 5%
Aerobatic 2%
We don't offer flight training 5%
Flying Club Spotlight  

Started By Goodyear, Aero Fliers Continues its Original Mission 70 Years Later

Just months after the start of World War II, Goodyear created the Wingfoot Fliers so company employees could fly and use aircraft for business. In the 1980s, the club became its own entity and reformed as the Aero Fliers. Today it has three aircraft, including a 1966 Beech Debonair (see Aircraft Spotlight below), which was purchased new and been part of the club ever since. Club President Leonard Dyko and senior member in terms of age and tenure John Malene share Aero Fliers history and some tools for success.


Love to fly VFR? Then Mobile FliteDeck VFR is for you.

The thoughtfully designed tablet interface was created by pilots for pilots. So it's easy to plan your route and do what you love—go flying! And a full US coverage is only $49. See for yourself—download a free trial.

Aircraft Spotlight
The Beech Deonair: A Workingman's Bonanza

The Bonanza’s little sister might be the perfect club aircraft. The Debonair is fast, easy to fly, can carry a big load, and serve as a solid commercial, complex, high performance or IFR trainer. Perhaps that’s why the Wingedfoot Aero Club (now Aero Fliers) bought one brand new in 1966 and still has it nearly 50 years later.


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Insure your flying club with Avemco and you'll have your own personal Flying Club Representative with a direct phone number to call when you need help or advice with your policy. See how easy we can make insuring your club.


Upcoming Webinar

Flying Club Insurance
Discover what drives the cost of flying club insurance. Find out what types of coverage are available, and which ones are best for your club. Join Bill Snead, President, AOPA Insurance Services, to explore what your options are.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
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In the News

AOPA Partners to Send Young Pilot To France This Summer
By Benét Wilson

AOPA, AOPA France, the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations, and the Fédération Française Aéronautique (FFA) are teaming up to send an American pilot between the age of 18 and 24 to participate in the Tour Aérien Des Jeunes Pilotes. The tour will be held July 19 to August 3, and was created to promote General Aviation and inspire the next generation of pilots. To apply, pilots need to send a 500-word essay to AOPA by June 2 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

Flying Gamecocks Skydiving Club for College Students
Greenville Online, May 6, 2014
Teen Takes Prom Date For Flight In Club Airplane
Fox 17 West Michigan, May 4, 2014
Sault Ste. Marie TV Station Profiles the Algoma Flying Club
Local 2, April 24, 2014
Indian Club Asks Government for Airplanes and Simulator
Times of India, April 24, 2014
Redlands Club Celebrates 6th Anniversary at Airfest
Redlands Daily Facts, April 21, 2014

Club Insurance, simplified
Supporting flying clubs is an important part of AOPA's mission to keep aviation accessible and affordable for more pilots. Working closely with AOPA’s experts in the Pilot Information Center, AOPA Insurance Services has created an insurance plan that makes it easy to manage your club’s insurance needs no matter how many aircraft or members are involved.

Expand your passenger safety briefing: Go beyond 'fasten your seatbelts'

When your club members take friends and family flying what type of passenger briefings do they usually conduct? AOPA's Air Safety Institute encourages you to go beyond the usual check to make sure all passengers have their belts on. The Air Safety Institute’s video, Critical Information: The Passenger Safety Briefing is a great way to refresh your memory on what to include in a safety briefing and would make a great topic for a safety meeting as the summer flying season is just warming up.

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