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Thinking about learning to fly?

What makes you look skyward? Is it the whoosh of a jet airliner, or the mesmerizing drone of a personal aircraft surveying the countryside? The sound of an aircraft in flight is the sound of freedom—the freedom to go where you want, when you want. When you look skyward, you see America taking care of business, citizens exercising their freedoms, and a nation enjoying its liberties. Come be part of the sky—let's go flying!

Let AOPA introduce you to the exciting world of aviation and flight through its educational website, Let’s Go Flying. Begin your journey by visiting the Dreaming of Flying section. You’ll learn about the basics of learning to fly and the exciting opportunities and adventures that a pilot’s license will bring. There’s no limit to the magic of flight, just endless possibilities.

Ready to start?

The more you know, the better decisions you can make. Visit Ready to Start for resources and guidance to help you determine which flight training regime and pilot certificate are right for you. Learn how to select a flight school based on your needs and get tips on choosing the right instructor for your learning style.

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Get a solid start with a complimentary six-month trial membership, including six free issues of Flight Training magazine. In addition to training resources, materials, guidance, and support, students enjoy the many benefits of being part of the largest and most active general aviation association in the world.

AOPA Flight Training Field Guides

After investing multiple years in behavior and training research to determine the key factors for success in flight training, AOPA combined the discovered principles into three helpful guides now available as PDFs—for FREE.

AOPA Field Guide to Flight Training for Students - PDF

Get the inside scoop on what it takes to become a pilot.

Know the right questions to ask when choosing an instructor.

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AOPA Field Guide to Flight Training for Instructors - PDF

Learn the optimal training style for your students.

Keep your students motivated and feeling like part of the community.

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AOPA Field Guide to Flight Training for Schools - PDF

Tailor school and instructor operations to student needs.

Increase customer loyalty and decrease instructor turnover.

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