AASI Qualifying Condtions

AASI Qualifying Conditions

AASI Qualifying ConditionsAviation medical examiners (AMEs) are now allowed to reissue medical certificates to pilots with serious medical histories that are now stable, but require special issuance. The program, called AME Assisted Special Issuance (AASI), is based on an earlier AOPA recommendation to the FAA. Certain low-risk medical conditions that require a special issuance can now be renewed annually by the AME after the FAA has granted the initial special issuance authorization.

When reporting one of the listed conditions for the first time, you will need to provide complete medical documentation to the FAA prior to having an FAA physical exam performed by an aviation medical examiner. After the FAA clears your case, you will receive a letter authorizing your AME to conduct a physical examination and issue a medical certificate if you are found otherwise qualified. This authorization letter may be valid for up to six years, but you will still be required to provide your AME with periodic medical reports confirming that your condition is unchanged. The authorization letter will also detail exactly what information is needed for continued certification and the time frame in which that information will need to be submitted. The program is under ongoing review, and new conditions will probably be added.

The FAA will review each case and determine if it will be placed under the AASI protocol. Until you receive an authorization that allows your AME to reissue the certificate, you should continue to send your periodic medical reports to the FAA just as you have always done.

More details about the new issuance policy can be found in the Winter 2003 Federal Air Surgeon's Bulletin .

Links to the specifications for each medical condition can be found below.

Updated October 27, 2009