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Hangar Homes

Do you have a hangar home? We'd like to share your story with other AOPA members. Please e-mail us your story - with photos if you have them - to post on this page.

Flying a loft

Diana and Tom Richards (seen in the chair between the sofa and stove) converted a 100-year-old hay shed into a hangar on their farm near Jasper, Missouri. Jasper is in the southwest corner of the state. The hangar was built with a little help from their friends and family, and has two living rooms, a kitchen, and a bath. As seen in the photo, the children learned about lift, and afterward they went for an airplane ride.

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The fly-in grill

Marlin Horst, of Smoketown, Pennsylvania, equipped his gas-heated hangar with a commercial kitchen for large parties, a bathroom with a shower, and a full office with cable TV and a telephone. That is all the more remarkable because his house (where he has a two-car, one-airplane garage) is only 1,000 feet away. It cost less than $125,000 in 2002.

When Horst says it is a commercial kitchen, he knows what he is talking about. His day job is to construct custom kitchens for interior designers who serve the stars, including Celine Dion and Sean Connery. Dion and her husband moved out of her island home, where the kitchen was built perhaps because of her husband's illness, but may build a new home on the island (we're not sure which island or where it is) now that he is better. Connery has a brownstone in New York for a comfortable stay during his frequent visits. Drop by Sean's for lunch; it's got a great kitchen. Tell him AOPA sent you.

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Lazy afternoon

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Deborah and Henry McFarland have a 1946 Luscombe 8A (his), a 1948 Luscombe 8E (hers), and a 1954 Cessna 195B in restoration (theirs). But they need a lot of rest to play with all those toys, even if it keeps 6-year-old niece Keely McDonald waiting. Their hangar is at Pickens County Airport in Jasper, Georgia.

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