ASI ePilot Accident Reports

On this page, the Air Safety Institute will present accident reports documenting a specific accident cause on a biweekly basis. Come back often to learn more.

Reports are sorted by NTSB number (where applicable). Dates in parentheses present the date they were published in AOPA ePilot. Would you like to receive these reports and other news involving general aviation on a regular basis? Sign up for AOPA ePilot!

Latest ePilot Accident Reports

Full house

A low-time pilot tries an overweight takeoff ... at night, with tragic results.

2016, 01 27

One at a time

Investigation of a fatal 2014 accident in Florida found that the Great Lakes biplane’s “overhauled” magnetos hadn’t been. The owner probably didn’t know, but it’s a good idea to replace dual systems one at a time to ensure one tried and tested component is still in place.

2015, 11 02

Caution: Prop will bite!

A fatal prop strike on a sandbar in Alaska is a solemn reminder that a single second’s distraction can cost the life of even experienced, careful pilots.

2015, 10 14

Mountain misdirection

In the mountains, navigational errors risk more than just embarrassment.

2015, 10 01

A minor oversight

Flying light GA aircraft can pose additional hazards to the most highly trained professional pilots.

2015, 09 15

A neglected essential

Which maneuver (a) must be mastered before the first solo, (b) could be needed on any and every flight, and (c) is rarely practiced by certificated pilots?

2015, 08 31

Into the void

You've heard about the hazards of "black-hole approaches." What about black-hole departures?

2015, 08 19

Too much fun

Serious accidents most often result from pilots asking too much of their aircraft. Some demand too much utility. Others just try to have too much fun, like the pilot of a Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon.

2015, 08 04

Margin for error

Why would an experienced pilot put his aircraft into a position where any unexpected event would create a hazard--especially with family members on board?

2015, 07 14

Slopes too steep to climb

Pilots new to mountain flying may be surprised to find that on a warm day, hills can outclimb airplanes.

2015, 06 30

Heels over head

Aerobatics are very safe—when performed in an appropriate place by a qualified pilot flying a suitable airplane.

2015, 06 16

Almost beyond belief

What could possibly account for the crash of a meticulously maintained P-51 flown by an expert pilot in beautiful weather?

2015, 06 01

No place like home

The last few miles are just as dangerous as any others--especially if you're scud running at night.

2015, 05 18

False economies

The desire for a bargain shouldn't lead aircraft buyers to cut corners.

2015, 04 27

Shifting priorities

Even if you bother computing weight and balance, the results can't be trusted any more than you can trust the airplane's payload to stay in the places you put it.

2015, 04 13
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